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  1. toomuchtime

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    I need to buy a trailer for my 287b but I also need to buy a dump trailer. See were im going with this lol Instead of buying two trailers right now im thinking of buying a dump trailer and hauling the machine in it. Some say its a pain in the ass other are ok with it. Whats your take?

    Im looking at a 14' PJ dump with 14gvw bumper pull. I think ideally I would like a 16-20k goose neck but dam there expensive. what do you guys think on the 14k? th machin weighs 10800 it would be right at capacity with the bucket maybe alittle over but I dont two it much?
  2. Edgewater

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    PJ makes a great trailer, but they are heavy. I would not buy a setup knowing that I was overweight. It will work, but one or two fines will make up the cost of the gooseneck.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    I think you will be out of payload with a 14 foot dump trailer. It is also a little short.

    Time to buy a F-450/550 4500/5500 dump with a equipment trailer.

    There is no replacing a proper flatdeck trailer for hauling machinery. The trailer has a lighter tare weight to give you more payload. It is easier to chain the machine down.
  4. Scag48

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    The problem I've found with dump trailers and skids is getting the length. Loaded a Cat 216 into a 14 foot Walton dump trailer, not much room to spare. For a 287, you'd probably need 16-18' length. The PJ gooseneck is heavy, have a buddy that has one and I believe he said it weighs over 8,000 pounds. I can't remember the length of his, I think he settled on the 18'.
  5. westcoh

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    You could make it work, but it'll probably end up being a pain. What are you gonna do on a job where you need to bring more than one attachment and all you have is a 14' dump trailer? The other day I saw a guy going down the road with a skid in a dump trailer, and a snow bucket tilted from the bottom of the trailer up over the side, because it was too wide to fit correctly.
  6. GWhunter

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    The other big issue with dumps as hauler's is load placement. Since you don't have tons of bed space you often end up tongue heavy. And as the others have mentioned they're heavy. But I find my PJ very handy and well built. It's also super easy to overload them. I've had over 12K in my 10k gvw unit. It's hard to tell for sure. Mine has d rings in the bed and getting to them to tie down my equipment is not easy. I had thought that I could get away with just the dump. I ended up buying a 25' PJ gooseneck deckover last spring. So they both have there place.

  7. Junior M

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    Dont say that because all it takes is you rearending somebody and DOT is up your ass so far, you cant move..

    Go ahead and get the right trailer for your needs, dont halfass it. Like my dad says, if you got time to half ass it the first time, you got time to do it right the second time..

    So in other words, spend the change to get the right trailer!

    I woulda bought a 10ton GN if I could do it over again.. Preferably Towmaster, but TM is super expensive!
  8. toomuchtime

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    Thanks guys for the insight. I will in all honesty buy a 20-25 20k gooseneck in the near future but at the moment I need a dump asap. My machine is used at my property almost full time for the next few months unitl I get things around here done.Then will be the time to go out for work. So right now I would like to find a dump that would double if i need to move the machine. Ive found a few semilocally but there 20k dumps expensive as hell and HEAVY like 9K unloaded. I am thinking 16k would be the way to go just need to find it now. lol
  9. sunray

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    I always think of the wreck if it ever happens.
    Pulling commercial equipment you want to make sure you have done everyting possable to be safe and legal.
  10. wellbuilt

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    Ive hauled equipment in my dump trailers . 8000lb EX, BC 753 , bce 250 , mustang 2054 I have a bracket to chain my EX bucket to the frame of the trailer out side the box . I have a 12' dump box , I have to hang the bucket out the rear of the trailer to get the skid to balance in the box .
    At first i only moved my machines every few months but i started to get alot of service work and started moving every day so i sprung for a equipment trailer .
    Now i want a tilt trailer bad they are costly but its soooo easy to to load and go .

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