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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FIRESCOOBY, Dec 30, 2006.


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    Got a line on a new in April 2006 Lesco 36" WB. It has around 30-40 hours on it and comes with a spare set of blades and belts.

    I don't know ANYTHING else about it right now or about Lesco's in general. He is supposed to be sending me some pictures and more information today.

    Do you thing this unit would be worth $2500? It won't be my main mower, but I have 2-3 yards that it would be safer to use a WB vs. my ZTR.

    Thanks, any information is appreciated.
  2. Sportsturf

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    Im pretty sure you could buy that unit new from Lesco for 2500, or less.
  3. Uranus

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  4. LawnTamer

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    That is a little over-priced. I found the 36" belt drive Lesco to be a little underbuilt. The front wheels are off-set, which seems like a good idea, but it kept causing incessant yoke problems and uneven tire wear. It also required near constant adjustment to keep tracking straight. It did deliver a nice cut.
    Spend $200 more and get a new Toro T-bar, you get a much better built machine, 2 more HP and the T-bar controls which are light-years ahead of pistol grips. Demo one.

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    This unit is a Hydro unit.
  6. MTR

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    I got a used 52" Turf tracer for $2500, with lesco, I won't spend over $1500 with hydro 36".

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    Ok, need some more help. I offered the guy $1750 and he countered with $2350. I think I could get it for $2000. He says the display reads 16.9 hours, comes with bagger, spare blades and belts. Gonna try to upload some pictures. Would $2000 be a bad deal?


    FIRESCOOBY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Also, here are the model numbers he sent me.

    M#PG4KQQDY1XXXXXBDP10A308 5172P20166
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    Machine looks like new from pics. I am not sure what they go for brand new, but I think it is around $3200.00. If you need a new machine and think the 36" will be something that you will use, then I say go for it. Tough to get a machine in that condition for under the price of a new belt drive. I would only buy it if you need it though. Good luck

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I definitely need a WB. There is one account in particular that has a large fenced in back yard. It has a 60" gate, so getting the ZTR in there isn't a problem. Problem is that the back is shaded by the house and lots of tree cover, and is damp even if it hasn't rained in quite a while. The back yard is also at about a 25-35 degree slope. Twice this year I slid into the chain link fence. One of those times I had to dismantle a 20-30' section to get the mower out. It turned a 30 minute yard into 2 hours. Stretching fence by yourself and ratchet straps isn't fun. After that I used the 21" on it, and of course it doesn't cut the very thick and fast growing fescue nearly as well.

    I also have 3 or 4 other accounts that I would definately use the WB on if I had one. I even turned down a VERY nice a lucrative account last year because the back yard only had a VERY steep and 90 degree turn leading down to it. It was very large and using the 21" would not have been cost effective. I quoted him $100/ week JUST FOR mowing IF I had a WB and he said "OK".

    Keep the opinions coming...need to let this guy know something tonight.

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