Need some insight on this property

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by petscanning, May 21, 2019.

  1. GreenscapeCT

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    Realtor bought it or a property management company?

    A PMC should know how to find a good LCO. Is the realtor just trying to get a price for their client?
  2. GreenscapeCT

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    With commercial, you always need to think about damage... or, random citizens claiming damage.
  3. OP

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    They are managing the property
  4. Wye Oak Tree

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    What kind of mower would you be using?
    If it is a side discharge with open chute I would say a chute blocker is a must on that property.
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  5. GreenscapeCT

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    It looks like a small slope, near the green utility box.

    You’ll need something narrow to get that slope, so 20 minutes with a push mower to cut it all.

    You didn’t mention string-trimming, so maybe 7 minutes with that.

    After a month or so, the edging is going to look shabby.

    Three hours for the hedge trimming & cleanup.
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  6. GreenscapeCT

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    How will they be managing your compensation?
  7. GreenscapeCT

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    Also, since you asked for insight...

    You should have G/L insurance for this type of work. Especially because you have a nice medical-technology job and you don’t need to pay someone, for the next twenty years, due to happenstance.

    It looks like a busy street with moderate foot traffic. I understand you will be there on a not busy Saturday morning. However, one little pebble shoots into the open passenger window of a car driving by... you are done!

    Also, if the Realtor doesn’t ask you for a copy of your G/L, then that’s a huge red flag regarding their property management skills/intentions.
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  8. Green Industry Pro

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    Biggest piece of advice - Be honest and open with the property management. Ask them if they want the complete maintenance billed as a lump sum or if they want it itemized. Usually itemized. Any questions, clarify with them so there are no issues later. They should be willing to work with you. Insurance is a must.

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