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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ChristianJ318, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. ChristianJ318

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    I'm about to purchase my first set of commercial hedge trimmers and wanted some opinions from you guys before spending the money. All of my handhelds are Shindaiwa so I was planning on sticking with them to keep the same gas mix. I'm not going to be using them that often, just a few residentials and one commercial property at the moment. I'm right handed and have carpel tunnel in both hands so weight and balance is somewhat of a factor.

    This is what I found at one of my local dealers with sticker prices:

    HT2510 30" - NEW On sale for $255 originally $479

    DH231 24" - $439

    Maruyama HT231DR 24" with rotating handle -$399

    Echo HC150 20" - $280

    I liked the weight and the price of the HT2510 but the trigger handle and single sided blade seemed a little awkward. Is it something that you get used to or am I better off spending the additional money to buy the shorter standard handled model? I know nothing of Maruyama and they didnt have one of their hedge trimmers in stock for me to get a look at or feel for. The guy just pointed out that they have 5yr warranty and the handle rotates so that sparked my interest a little. I didn't care for the Echo too much because of the 20" length and the blade guard plus it just seemed "cheap".
    Ive got a little less than two weeks to make a decision so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Alan0354

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    I have been doing EXTENSIVE research in the last few months and been shopping around.

    Echo HC-150 is too short, I have one already.

    Maruyama HT2321DR and Shindaiwa DH2510 both are about the best. The gear box design is very similiar with ball bearing on every gear one on each side of the gear for best stability and longivity. The connecting rod has needle bearing for longivity and smoothness. Only Kawasaki 600D has the same design. Echo is not even close, neighter are Redmax, Stihl, Tanaka.

    The down side of these two are the weight. Both are 13.4 lb. Which is very heavy. Stihl and Tanaka are lighter and 12lbs. But the gear box design is no where close. Both have less bearings. Maybe that's the reason why they are lighter.

    As for me, I am pretty much narrow down to Maru HT2321DLR and Shindaiwa DH2510 30". With the outside chance of Tanaka 2530 because of the weight. One complain about Shindaiwa DH2510, no rotating handle. So I have to give a notch to Maruyama.

    All the longer Echo is way way over prices for the gear box design and the small engine. They are proven to be reliable even I don't like the single ring 21cc engine and cheapest gear box. For the kind of money, I would go with the first two.
  3. RLS24

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    I know nothing about the specific models that you have listed there, however, I went from a single sides trimmer to a double sided one, and the difference is night and day. I would never buy another double sided. EVER. they just are not versatile enough especially if its going to be your only hedge trimmer.
  4. Alan0354

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    You mean never buy a single side or double side?:confused:
  5. ChristianJ318

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    If you meant single side isn't versatile I was kinda thinking that maybe the case... That $255 price tag is just awfully appealing despite the handle trigger. I still want to hear some more of yalls input before making a purchase though.
    Damn shame that the multi tool system is so high!
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  6. jkilov

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    If you don't mind the extra weight or lack of rotating handle go with shindaiwa's 4-stroke. With 2-strokes your shirt, hair and pants smell like a muffler after an hour. Some are less nasty than others but they all do it.

    I use both single and double sided units and the double are far more versatile. If you're concerned about having a rotating handle or not, they aren't that necessary, but when doing long vertical surfaces it's a nice thing to have.
  7. lawnboy dan

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    the echo seems cheap cause it is -and junk. you dont need roating handles either . redmax and mauryama are the best hedge trimmers out there
  8. dougdm

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    bump, I am in the market also and want to hear the rest of this story I am mainly a stihl man, but I do like the shindy's warranty.
  9. ChristianJ318

    ChristianJ318 LawnSite Member
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    Rotating handle was just a neat feature but in no way gonna be a decision maker. What's everyones thoughts on the ht2510?
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  10. Alan0354

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    One reason I still consider Tanaka and Stihl is because these two are lightest. 30" at 12lbs. This is 1.4lbs lighter than Shindaiwa and Maruyama. I have the Echo HC151 and Shindaiwa short reach articulate hedge trimmers. Both blades are only 20 to 22" and is too short. And also it is very tiring if you trim for extensive period of time. I have coporal tunnel in my wrist, it get hard even I have the strength from doing weight lifting. I think 1.4 lbs means a lot. Just like string trimmer, a 11lbs is so much more comfortable than a 12.4lbs. Hedge trimmer is much more critical.

    I know quite a few people here use the Tanaka 21cc hedge trimmer and like it. I can tell you from comparing the part numbers of the blade and the gear box, the 2530, 2526 and 2522 use most of the same parts as the 21cc that people like a lot. Difference is it has a 1.3hp 25cc engine that can cut thicker branches. Don't consider 2520, it is very different gear box design.

    I was just communicating with a person in the other post about the Stihl HS81. He think it is very good too.

    This is my research so far, I love to hear other people's experiences too, I am buying one very soon and I want to best!!!
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