Need some opinions on Hedge Trimmers please


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We do alot of shrub and hedge trimming all year long and we use several different trimmers. Echo's HC-150 is a decent, reliable light duty trimmer although a bit underpowered for anything other than basic trimming. Efco trimmers are our primary trimmers, they are heavy but also have large engines and heavy duty bars and will cut up to 3/4 inch branches with ease, best trimmers out there. We also have SCH-265 25cc extended reach trimmers that see alot of use. If your going to do shrubs your going to get all kinds of calls from people. Shrubs that are trimmed twice a year, once a year and some that haven't been trimmed in years. Most if not all the trimmers you listed have 21cc engines, a good engine but weak. We are going to be ordering Tanaka's HTD-2530s 30" bar and 24cc engine to replace our mid range trimmers, you need power to cut back and resize shrubs and that little 21cc engine just won't cut it.


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Stihl makes a mean pair of trimmers. HS 45 are well balanced double sided gass guzzlers though. About $375


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Maruyama- hands down. The brand new trimmers are a bit heavier then those in years past. Just bought 3 more a few weeks ago. I've used them for years and have had very good luck with them. The only thing that normally "fu*&s up" on them are the fuel caps. For some reason the caps leak after they get some time on them. Luckily they're only about $5.00! The rotating handle is nice to have, you'll use it more then you'd think!

Personally I think everything Echo makes is junk. I love the Shindaiwa's, but a little less each year; as they become more like their parent company Echo.

Bottom line- go for the Maruyama it won't let you down!


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This is an old thread. I since bought the maruyama HT2321DLR 30" double side with rotating handle. It's been like 10 months and works perfect. Always two pull cold start, not much warmup needed. It is very very quiet.......that is a big surprise. The cut is slightly better than my Echo HC151 and Shindaiwa M242 with hedge attachment.

About the only thing is it is quite heavy. But you get used to it. I really never use the rotating handle.

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