Need some opinions on this leaf job please

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by whiffyspark, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Roachy

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    First of all, for all the people giving you crap for taking on this job, dont listen because you have to start somewhere. Not everyone starts their first ever leaf cleanup with a full leaf loader and dump trailer setup. Yes its gonna take you longer than other guys, and your not gonna make as much per hour as other guys but just do a good job and learn from it. If you dont get your leaf loader setup working, I would get a buddy, blow everything into a couple big piles. Put a tarp on the ground and rake as much as you can into a tarp. You and your buddy just drag it back to your trailer or truck and then repeat. After you load up your truck or trailer nice and high, just throw the tarp over it and throw some bricks on top. Good luck
  2. Glenn Lawn Care

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    Those goats are slow, trust me I have one... It works great but its just to slow. I'd rent a walk behind blower and push them in a pile if you don't have a mower with a bagged on it or a backpack blower.
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  3. NC Greenscaper

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    Just blow it into piles. Rake it on your tarp and drag it to your truck. Repeat. Repeat.
  4. aaron79mowing

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    Blow them into a pile, add gas, and burn them! You will get rid of the leaves quickly plus set yourself for a seeding job as well!
  5. whiffyspark

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    Thanks for the advice. I got my track vac running I'm boarding up my trailer now. I appreciate all the helpful insight. We are going to use a wheeled blower and back pack blowers.

    I also sold seeding,mulching, and some plants and trees as well as a weekly service. So I'm happy
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  6. NC Greenscaper

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    Sounds good. Goodluck
  7. Get Some...

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    I do not have a truck vac...just a one man operation with a single axle trailer.

    On a job like that I would use a 26" bagging mower with two baggers.
    Fill both and dump on trailer.
    Get 90% of the leafs.

    Follow with a pass with a 44 Toro wb that has a mulch kit.

    But I would bid it higher.
    Hope it goes well for you.

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