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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tool24687, Oct 31, 2006.

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    this site rocks i have been reading it for a while now. but now have decided to become a meber! I have a few Questions about "the future".

    some basic info about me:
    I am 19 andhave worked for 2 diffrent lawn care co. the first one i was a whip ***** all i did was weed whip i got tired of just doing that so i found a nother company.
    the new company i have worked for the past 2 years has been great. i run the crew, drive the truck, opperate the equipment, trim trees and shurbs, comunicate with customers. alot more then just whiping.i make good money but its under the table so that dosent do me good in the long run, and its kinda um illegal. i am going to a community college for landscape design, some of the classes include business, hortacualture, irigation,ect. i realy enjoy doing this, alot beter then sitting on my ass looking at a comp.

    My ?..

    i have been thinking about the furter latly, i know alot of people dont last in this bisnees but i think it is there fault, they dont have to drive to succed.
    should i find a big already established co. or should i try and start my own co. while still working at the one i do now? and drop the co. i work for now when i get the buisness established and a good amount of accounts.

    please let me know what you recomend?
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    I would suggest starting your own business, I think it helps to give a better business ethic and you learn about getting new customers and advertising. It will also help you ease into the business instead of just jumping in to a larger well established business. As far as keeping your current landscape job I would make sure your boss is ok with that because I think that it would be a conflict of interest. He may think you are stealing customers or aquiring new customers by using his good name and maybe even equipment.
  4. Prestige-Lawncare

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    I also agree ... in that you should start your own company. As I was reading your post ... all of a sudden you said one thing that hit the nail right on the head.

    A lot of guys don't have the drive to succeed. Bingo! If you want to succeed in this business, you certainly can. You have to want to work hard, provide great service, and provide your services like clockwork (weather providing). When customers can almost set their clock by you ... trust me ... they remember that.

    Go for it ... you sound like a guy who has enough experience, and the desire!

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    I agree. It sounds like not only the right attitude, but you're heading down the right path (with school), as well. I'm not saying it takes a college education, but you are learning and wanting to learn a broad array of operations. Do yourself a favor and get some business classes. This way, you know a straight short line to get to that point and know how to grow - not end up like the guy you're working for now....paying "under the table". Stay on this site, take in some info, and if I can be of assistance, you are more than welcome.
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    thak you all vary much for your input!!!!
    that is the one thing that realy pisses me off! me and my boss will be cutting an amayzing lawn, and ill be in the back yard makeing it look awsome, makeing my lines stright as an arow, and i come to the front yard and he is makeing a mess, his mower clogged( we use the exmark vac systems) and hes just cuting away makeing a mess turning on the driveway makeing stains on the pavement. i mean if you want good bissnes show it man, take some pride in your work. he just cares about the money not giving your client something to gazze at when there sipping on there morning coffee! I think im going to take the plunge next year save up over the winter for a decent walkbehind, blower and wipper/edger. my boss is acutuly cool with me starting my own, hes even showed me some used mowers for sale, i told him my thought about starting my own next year and still working with him ( he only has about 50 account so we only cut 3 days mabyee 4 if the weathes bad one day)and he said that be sweet so im looking forward to next year. i for shur want to make the bissnes lagit so i gotta start figuring out a bissnes plan and get some info on insurance and other things. so thank you all who have helped me out, and if you have anymore advice im a magnet for advice!!!!!!
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    NOW it's beginning to sound (and I mean this sincerely) like you know more about this business than HE does. If you are wanting to start out with a decent wb (even used), you are fast on the right track. You have a great mower that is built to cut all day - every day, you have versatility (ability to drop down in ditches, work hillsides, etc.), and will be reasonably priced for the production you get.
    As far as the operations, if you have enough common sense not to make a bunch of huge mess to clean up (like the driveway, etc.), and you have the operations and techniques down pat, you are SO many steps ahead. There are also many many things that you can do to save you time, work, and money that can and will put you out in front of the rest. as far as working for him next year,...if you end up with a decent wb and a little equipment, you will quickly get so busy that yo won't have the time to work for 9 an hour (or however much he's paying you). you will will take off. We'll get it going for you.
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    sounds like you are headed in the right direction, one thing, i know this is just on the internet, but you need to pay more attention to detail, like your spelling, if you sent out invoices like that it would be detrimental to your business...... good luck..:)

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    Your 19 so I will guess living at home or at least not with family yet, SO go on your own. I doubt the guy you work for will care or be able to get mad sense it sounds like he is not legit anyway,
    Now about drive-- it is needed and is good to have but it is also easy to drive yourself right into the ground. All the drive- excitement and gunn-ho is meaning less if you do not know how to run a business, Any body can push a mower and a lot can do it straight, (unlike your boss:laugh: ) but if you want to succeed you need business skills more than mowing skills. You are right that most fail and it is their fault. But it is not lack of drive but lack of knowledge about how to run a profitable business.
    Stay in school and learn all you can about the grass and the cash. I will guess your income needs are not that great yet so start on your own now and build your own business, Good luck
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    yes i know i was typeing fast, i do that when I type fast.

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