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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by plowboy81, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. plowboy81

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    I am starting out this year. I have looked at alot of mowers. I am almost sure of the SuperZ. I like the Great Dane and the Lazer Z. I think the Super Z is built better and it has the larger pumps and the fans on the pumps. A friend of mine traded his Scag for a Super and he also has a Walker. He doesn't use the Walker near as much since he got the Super. What do you think about the Super and the other mowers? Another thing, how is the best way to get business? I have a 4:30am to 1:00pm job, so the landscaping will only need to provide for itself at least for the first year. I have been wanting to get into this business for about six years, but haven't had the time, now I do because of my schedule. Any opinions on anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. LP

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    Dont know about the super z and dont care much for the great danes but as far as the walker and the lazer go both are excellent machines! As for getting business, need more info on what you are targeting and what you can handle, and how much if any money you can afford to put in advertising!
  3. bdemir

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    You want some real good advice. Get a dixie chopper. Ive had them all from exmark to scagg to dixie. I would demo them first to get a feel. They all have thier own feel. Dixie is most comoftable and suts fast and easy to work on. Exmark is junk and rides like a one ton truck (rough). Im not in the business so i dont have a biased opinion its just my and most opinions who do this profesionally.

  4. greenman

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    If you're not in this business, then why are you on here putting down mowers? Obviously, you dont know that almost everyone on this site is for Exmark, you're barking up the wrong tree here.
  5. LP

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    Did you hear that? sounds like another one brewing?
  6. Brickman

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    Add this to his opinions about American made work trucks and you get an even bigger picture of his out look on life.
  7. J&R

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  8. plowboy81

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    Thanks for the opinions. Obviously greenman is partial to Exmark. If the Lazer acts anything like the rider, I'd rather not have one. To the rest of you who are helpful, I can do almost anything there is to be done to a lawn. I don't have alot to spend on advertising considering I am going to spend about 12,000 on equipment. I have a flyer made to put out in certain neighborhoods and at certain businesses. I am going tomorrow to get some business cards made. Any other suggestions on advertising, mowers, equipment, or anything else would be very helpful.
  9. LP

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    When I was just starting out, I made flyers that had four on each page (8x11) Put them in sandwich bags with a rock and threw them in my targeted areas. It worked rather well the first year. Most calls were for landscaping work. The rocks make them easy to throw. I could throw about 500 in 30 minutes. Office Max will print them for you pretty cheap (neon paper works best) and they will cut them into the four squares for you too.
  10. lawnworker

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    Exmark is not junk. People that come on here and say stuff like this don't have a clue about what the're saying. Exmark does not make junk. They make one of the best mowers out there. Really you cant go wrong with Hustler, Choppers, Toro are Exmark. Exmark wins in the looks department though;) Demo all and make a choice.

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