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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LDH, Dec 8, 2012.

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    LDH: You will also need a REDUCTION on that engine. Roller pumps work around 650RPMs. Putting the main filter before the pump is also super important to protect the pump also as their rollers are nylon and easily scared by undesolved and filler trash in a mix.
    I have a NEW Hypro 252 with reduction gear and regulator for $400 which bolts directly to your engine. Probably about the same cost as a Pump and Reduction Gear alone.

    D-252Hypro Pump.jpg
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    The 4101 roller pump is rated at 2600 RPM. It's built to couple direct to a 2.5hp engine. That's why I went with a 79cc engine instead of spending $17 more for Harbor Freight's 5.5 hp engine. I looked at D252s and just about every pump there is before I started ordering parts for my skid. I private messaged several people on here for their opinions also before making a decision. I had actually settled on a package from Rittenhouse that had a Honda GC160 with D252 for about $900 but at the last minute decided against it. My setup= $215 If you divide $900 by $215 it comes out to a little over 4. This means that I can literally wear out my engine and roller pump 4 times, throw it in the trash, and purchase new before equalling the cost of the package I was going to get from Rittenhouse. If we start talking about D30 and D403s, I could replace my engine and pump more than 4 times.
    That being said.... I do plan to buy a nice diaphram pump in the future. I just want to make sure I have the clientele to justify it. I've made alot of bad business decisions in the past which is why I micro manage my money these days. I think your offer on the D252 is a good price. Why are you selling it if you don't mind me asking?
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    Do you think the 79cc 2.5hp Predator is enough to power a D252?
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    Do you have the governored speed of the engine? I really don't know the engine. I bought two of these by mistake. I had ordered it over a 4th of July weekend, never confirmation on the order and ordered again from another company. I thought I might need one for a back up but never had any problems other than routine maintenance.
    The good thing about the Diaphragm pump that you can get 200psig and pressure is consistent. I have a roller pump on tractor for spraying orchards. The availability to drive around and coupled with a wide boom on the back lets me spray fields using two 50gal drum
    I like the Hypro especially with a walking boom that is consistent for herbicides on lawn and the high pressure for the fungicide.
    Have you seen any output on the roller pump using the 2.5HP engine? I've never used one on a small engine, just the PTO's driven. Call Hypro and talk with there rep about your engine and pump before making a decision. He's a knowledgeable guy.
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    According to the tables published by Hypro, 2.5 HP is enough for a D252GRGI. These pumps are comparatively low maintenance and service of wear parts(diaphragms and valves) is simple. I read what needs to be done to service a roller pump, no thanks. Diaphragm pumps will also handle being run dry. Same cannot be said for roller pumps.

    An air gap is a simple thing to make. Mine is nothing more than PVC elbowed so that the outlet is held 4" above the top of the tank opening. Having that makes me legal according to DOA regulations to fill almost anywhere.
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    I bought a Fimco 60 gallon sprayer in 2009 that had a 4 roller pump and 2.5hp engine on it. I used it for gly only. I can't answer your question about it's performance because it was one of those 50ft of 3/8 hose jobs with a cheap car wash style gun. Right now I'm dealing with 300ft of 1/2 hose and a chemlawn gun with 2 gpm tip applying herbicides accurately calibrated. Or should I say, this is what I will be doing once the rig is finished. To answer your question honestly, I don't know how the roller pump will perform under these conditions. I know that the Fimco rig I once owned worked good for wiping out fence lines and what not, but I never used it with any length of hose, etc. You've got me sold on the D252. I've heard enough on the roller pump to put a bad taste in my mouth on it. Since I won't even need the rig for a few more months I'm just going to put another $300-$400 into a pump and get a D252GRGI that accepts a 5/8 shaft. You guys have convinced me the roller pump is a bad choice. Especially the cast iron. And if I go with the Silver series I'll end up spending the same amount that I would on a D252 diaphram.
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    If you would like this one, just let me know. $400 is about half the original cost.
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    This medium pressure diaphragm pump is recommended for ground and low-level spraying of herbicides or pesticides commonly used by landscapers, greenhouse operators and pest control companies.

    The 9910-D252 pump has 2 Diaphragms, 3/4" solid keyed shaft: 6 gpm; 290 psi. This is the pump only, You cannot use this to replace the pump on the GRGI version.

    9910-D252GRGI - This version includes the gearbox and pressure regulator - 2 diaphragm pump - 3/4" HB inlet; 3/8" HB outlet; 5/8" HB Return line- 3/4" hollow shaft, gear reduced for 5 hp gas engine.

    Important Notes: The most common version of the D252GRGI is the 3/4" hollow shaft. You can determine the version you require by measuring the shaft on your gas engine. Another potential problem, you can not swap the gearbox from one D252 to another. So if you are replacing an existing pump, and your old pump had a gearbox, you must order the D252GRGI version. Click here to see the D252GRGI58 for coupling to a 2.2 HP gas engine or electric motor

    Low cost maintenance and almost wear-free operation make these pumps ideal for a wide variety of spraying jobs. Pressure and output are designed for optimum performance of medium to large sized sprayers.

    The Hypro D252 diaphragm pump is designed to be the most complete pump for the spraying and pumping of herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers and hard-to-handle fluids.

    The oil bath design and premium-quality, synthetic diaphragms provide longer life and greater reliability.Low-cost maintenance and almost wear-free operation result from these diaphragms,as well as, a self-priming operation, and visual oil-level sight glass.

    This Hypro D252 diaphragm pump can handle fluids up to 140 degrees F and can be run dry. Easily adaptable to PTO, hydraulic or gas engine drives.

    The regulator is easily replaced, see below to order the control unit.
    When your pump has mixed oil (the oil in the sight glass is milky gray in color) do not run the pump any more, you need to change the diaphragms. Running a diaphragm pump with mixed oil will destroy the pump in a short period of time. This pump requires SAE 30 oil, commonly known as "30 weight" oil, non detergent, so no 10W30 in these pumps.

    Max. flow: 6 gpm/ 22.7 L/min
    Max. pressure: 290 psi/ 20.3 BAR
    Max. rated speed: 650 rpm (D252), 3600 rpm (D252GRGI)
    Max. fluid temperature: 140 degrees F
    Port sizes on D252 - 3/4"HB inlet, 1/2" NPT outlet
    Port sizes D252GRGI - 3/4" HB inlet, 3/8" HB outlet
    Shaft on D252 is 3/4" solid
    D252GRGI is 3/4"(see note above) hollow, gear reduced for gas engines
    Diaphragms: 2, semi-hydraulic
    Housing: anodized aluminum
    Mounting base: included
    9910-D252GRGI - This version includes the gearbox and pressure regulator - 2 diaphragm pump - 3/4" HB inlet; 3/8" HB outlet.
    9910-D252 or 9910-D252GRGI
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    But when you stop and think about it, in order to get the model that accepts a 5/8 shaft I will spend $611.49 plus $19.75 shipping. Whereas I could spend $538.99 for the model that accepts a 3/4 shaft. That's a $92 difference. I can buy another cheap engine that's 5.5 hp with a 3/4 shaft for just a little more than $92 and be at the same spot expense wise that way. The only difference is, I would have a D252 with a 5.5 hp engine instead of a D252 with the 2.5 hp engine that I already have.

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