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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LDH, Dec 8, 2012.

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    With 300 feet of half inch hose, I used to get about 3.5 gals per minute, at 120 lbs psi, which at my walking speed was 2.6 gals per thousand sqft. I used a white(4 gal per minute) nozzle--but only because I wanted bigger droplets for drift control.
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    Thanks. I thought it was ridiculously cheap too. When I originally ordered the 79cc it was $99.99 on HF's website. Shipping was a flat $6.99 which brought the total to $106.98. They were quick on getting it to me also. It was sitting on my doorstep within a week. The 212cc was listed at $116.99 on the website until recently when they put a coupon out that offered it for $99.99. Everything HF says on their website about returns is true, no hidden clauses. My girlfriend and I were already going to Oklahoma CIty (2 hour drive) and I was able to walk in their store, show the coupon, pick the 212cc up off the shelf and walk out. No additional fee, no arguement, etc. The manager asked what was wrong with the 79cc I was exchanging and I just said it wasn't big enough for my needs. That was it. I'll definitely buy from them again. Like we said, for a hundred bucks you can't really go wrong. I can go through 3 of these engines before spending the same amount of money on 1 Honda. No more than I spray right (I drive a truck full time and do this on the side), I think it will suit me fine.

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