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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Bulldog's Lawn Care, Jul 28, 2005.

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    I need some help on pricing. I do pretty well on small-medium residential lots. I was asked to look at a couple of apartment complexes. Ownership will be changing hands in September. The new owners are taking bids now. I sort of have the inside track because the realty company my aunt works for will be managing the property. Anyways, the complexes are not real large but they are separated by a 5 acre lot. I estimate 1 hour of edging, 1 hour of weed eating, 30-45 minutes of shrub maintenance ( they are in great shape now,) about 1 hour 15 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes to mow the grass around the buildings, then however long to do the 5 acre lot. Right now I have a John Deere LX176 but will be purchasing a JD z-trac 727 if I land this contract. Any advice, opinions, suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I want to be fair, I really want to land this contract (the properties are laid out well and will be easy though time consuming to maintain,) but I also don't want to leave any money on the table. I have to submit my bid soon so would appreciate fast responses!
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    This is kind of hard to do without pictures or actually being at the proberty, but I would say around $440. With that being said try to post some pictures and keep us updated. Another thing I am sure people are gonna say I am to high to low and everything else in between. I am just saying that this is what I would bid from your description.
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    I should also have specified that I was looking for a per visit price. Thanks
    Anderson for the reply. My wife and I have misplace our digital camera so right now pics are not available. The 5 acre lot is wide open with no obstructions.
    Some of you guys out there always seem to have to put your 2 cents worth in every where are ya when I need ya? My original post was a few days ago and only got 1 reply?!
    Thanks for any help..........
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    Listen, if you can give me square footage, I will try to help you with pricing. I need to know how many square feet of turf, and how many square feet of beds. For the turf, how big is the mower? For the beds, measure the beds, take out percentage of plant material, as I need how much is actually pinestraw (it is p/s right?). Next, do they just want a per visit price? Do you need to give them a price on strawing? What about seasonal color? As for the shrubs, pruning may be tight now, but they will probably need to be pruned atleast once more this year, depending upon their variety. Is this service priced individually as well? What about turf apps?
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    What ever you do Don't under estimate. You have to figure how long it will take you to cut the 5 acres, thats huge. I see guys cutting around apartment complexs all the time it seems there there a long time.

    If you want a price per week or for each time your there, then you need to figure out the following

    How long to cut 5 acres x what you get per hour
    How long to cut the other lawn areas x what you get per hour
    How long to trim x what you get per hour
    How long to edge x what you get per hour
    Blow off the sidewalks & stoops (steps/porch) x what you get per hour
    The shrub pruning, (how many times per year) times the cost each time you do it.

    Take this total and divide by the number of weeks you cut per year.
    Some say any where from 28-35 weeks per year. but it depends
    This will give you what to charge per week.

    If you using a JD tractor (home owner style) your crazy!!
    Buy a Exmark 52" or 60" (dependiing on how large your other accounts are.)
    For an apartment complex I would think you need a 48" walkbehind and possibly a small push mower (Honda)

    This is all I have for you. Its a lot. Remember this is a commercial account not residential but your bottom line is WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE PAID PER HOUR (including your workers, insurance, fuel, etcc...)

    Good luck

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