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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scott in the soo, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. scott in the soo

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    over the past couple weeks many questions have popped into my head and i am finally getting a chance to post them.. here they are

    - i am getting massive wheel marks and ruts this fall with my ztr.. does a striping kit eliminate this or is the ground just so soft in the fall.

    - any tips on side discharging, i am cutting at 3.5 inches every 5-7 days and i am still leaving clumps and noticable grass on lawns,,

    - are walk behinds better than ztr's for side discharging, i am looking at bying a couple wb's next spring but don't want the stress of clumping.

    - are baggers reccomended on wb's

    - where can i buy an aftermarket striping kit. 48 inch..
  2. chimmygew

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    What kind of mower are you currently using and what types of blades?
  3. mcwlandscaping

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    On all my lawns except for the junk ones (you never know whats in them each week) i keep my chute up. Better dispersal of clippings. I don't do this close to houses just to be safe! That might help your discharging issue.

    Baggers are a pita for wbs, IMO. They stick so far out that one side. But if you do get one, get an aluminum one because i found out the hard way with my grass gobbler that steel is really heavy (24 pounds empty!!)!!

    Good Luck
  4. burns60

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    I don't think a striping kit would solve you "dragging your pivot foot". You probably need to be more careful turning. Go slower and try to keep both wheels turning.
    But then I have never used a striper. So, anyone else, would this have anything to do with turf tearing?
  5. o-so-n-so

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    I think your clumping issue is what mcw........ said. My Wb discharges as good as my ZTR. I run with my chute off on the Z and keep the chute up on the WB.

    This photo is my lawn just after mowing (late afternoon) at 4" height on a 7 day growth. Cut with a 60" Exmark ZTR no chute.

    New size.jpg
  6. MOW ED

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    Scott, lawns are different. Even though you are mowing the same type of grass, every property has different characteristics that make the lawn respond in a different way.
    Fertilization, moisture, shade, direct sun, general health of the lawn can be different from one to the next. On top of that the time of year makes a lawn respon differently also.
    Spring and fall are lush growth months. Low heat, cool nights and plenty of moisture are perfect growing conditions for cool season lawns.
    Some of the clumping may be from these conditions even though you may be on a 5 day cycle.
    Mower deck and blade set up can also effect your discharge. make sure the deck is reasonably clean underneath and that your blades are sharp and in good shape.
    You may have to go and double or triple cut an area but I wouldn't consider bagging unless there are homeowner complaints. Worse case is that we go back with the backpack blowers and move the clumps around.

    ZTR vs WB for discharging, toss up for me. I don't use a WB much but in the toughest conditions it clumps more than my Z. (toro and toro and Walker)

    I have found my Walker 52"SD to be the best in dispersal but then it moves slower than the Toro, has a deeper deck and also has double blades.
    Good Luck.

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