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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by shelbymustang616, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Well, i just bought a brand new truck to get me closer to starting my business. I currently work in the landscape industry and am going to school for ornamental horticulture and taking classes to be a certified horticulturist. By next spring I should have my cert and hope to get my business going... here is where I am stuck. I want to start small part time and have about 6-7K of spending on equipment. I plan on getting a Dump triailer to haul equipment and use for dumping brush dirt etc. I plan on working during the day and any business I get over the winter from marketing I will do after I am done my "real" job. I am 22 and dont mind working after work haha. I dunno whether to get into mowing and have that weekly cash flow from lawns or to do mulching edging prunnning etc to start instead of mowing? Any suggestions?
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    This time of the season I wouldn't worry about starting with mowing. You could start with the mulching and hedges because it is now time for that and will be time for it again before mowing season ever kicks back in. At that point you will know if you need the weekly cash flow from mowing.

    The first and only thing that you need to be thinking about right now is MARKETING. If you get the work then you will find a way to get it done.
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    Thanks for your reply. But what I am looking for is to see what might be a better route for me to go in the spring of 2011. I have the marketing figured out, I just need to decide what services I should provide to start out.
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    I would start with mowing because it gets your foot in the door for other work. The cash flow is great also. We charge credit cards the same day and have the money in the account 7 am the next morning.
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    sounds like you will have to Branch off from mowing if you go this way.
    sounds like your more into landscaping than mowing grass.
    if you start off with it. there will come a time when you will have to have a crew leader just for this aspect of the business. "Kind of like an umberilla Company"

    for this reason you may want to consider another company under the parent one.

    try NOT to sell your slef short and wind up having to be in two places ant the same time.

    Best of luck to you
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    most people have there mowing company do all the other work. I think you will cut out 90% of your client base by not providing maintenance. A dump trailer is very nice but VERY unpractical for mowing. If they charge you $25 to deliver mulch (my guy doesnt even charge me delivery)how many loads do you have to pick up to pay off a $5000 dump trailer plus your fuel and maintenance of trailer? About 200-250. It will probably take you 5 years to get your money back, more if you are not cutting, because I dont see it reasonable that in this economy a brand new company will do more than 50 mulch jobs per year without cutting, you may only do 10. Its all about the bottom line.

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