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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by addictedtolandscaping, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Hi All

    I had a meeting yesterday with a city not for profit. Looks like it could really be a big deal for me. I already do a project in the immediate area, they want to add to the display considerably over the next few years.

    One of the things the lady exemplified were skylines. I did talk to HBL yesterday, Mike and I went over some ideas, I can build some of them, however, time will be of the essence as it needs to be complete by Thanksgiving, and I also have 4 other projects with the same dead line. Also immediately after Thanksgiving, I move into the project I already have in that area, and that takes 5 days to install.

    So what I am hoping is that some one on here has experience or suggestions on whom to contact with regard to skylines. There will only be 6 light poles with a Christmas theme, we will wrap them with Mixed noble, most likely LED and place Mixed Noble wreaths on top of the poles. The outlying area will have a winter theme, so that is where the idea of building the skylines came into play. Utilizing starbursts, and snow flakes off set with stars etc, using again warm white LED c-9.

    I also have had a thought of using the new drop lights, but haven;t had an opportunity to check them out as my lovely internet connection didn't want to work for a few days, and low and behold during the night decided to start functioning again.

    The lady I met with guaranteed me with a 10K budget right now, expecting another 10k grant by next Wednesday.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!!!!!!!

    This will really give me a boost and they are talking about extensive media coverage. Also, they intend to invest and additional 10-20k each year, plus rehangs obviously. So, was hoping some of the vets had some suggestions.

    Thanks all!!!!!
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    Congrats...that sounds awesome...
  3. addictedtolandscaping

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    from NY
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    Thanks, I hope so. SH told me they ant to use the entire budget this year, and increase it again next year. She wants installation, removal and storage - which is great as it is part of our service anyhow.

    I emailed the company she showed me the catalog for regarding wholesale prices, their catalog IS their wholesale, and retail. I have been struggling with understanding how it can be both, and even more why would you provide wholesales prices to people that aren't business???

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