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    I was wondering if the below text taken from a Mass Gov document allows me to apply Grass Fertilizer to enhance growth and thickness to residential and commercial properties without an applicator license.

    Local Municipalities
    Town Departments
    Municipalities in Massachusetts can implement pesticide use reduction by 1) adopting town policies governing pesticide use on town-owned land, 2) implementing the State required school IPM plans and prohibiting the use of pesticides for purely aesthetic reasons on all public and private school properties, and 3) educating the public about alternatives to pesticides.
    Municipalities, under the current Massachusetts law, cannot regulate pesticide use by private homeowners or by landscape professionals on private land.
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    If you want to be 100% sure i would call your local AG department. Just to cover your but.
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    No. that is not what this is saying. All this is saying, is that pesticide use can be reduced if this proposed plan is used by 1.) adopting municipality laws and policies regarding use if pesticides on town owned land. (this would be directed more at the municipalities themselves who are using them). 2.) Using the IPM plans - which should ALREADY be being used anyway by schools for the application of any and all pesticides, and not allpowing an pesticides to be applied by schools just for "appearance sake". This includes both public and private schools. 3.) Educating the public more about such things s IPM and alternatives to the use of pesticides. It then states that municipalities cannot regulate the use of pesticides by private homeowners or by landscape professionals on private land. In other words, it is not each municipalities jurisdiction or responsibility to enforce the states pesticide laws for homeowners and professionals. This is true in ANY and ALL states. The jurisdiction falls on the state agencies to enforce these. This is done by each state's Dept. of Agriculture.
    As far as being able to apply straight fert. without any pesticides in it, as was stated before, check with your Dept. of Ag.. I CAN tell yoyu one thing, though...there are a bunch of guys now wanting to flock to that areanow, and they are shooting themselves in the foot...because without the ability to do weed and insect control, everything you do is in vein. I don't care how green you get a lawn, if it is full of weeds, that is still all you have and the customer has as a lawn full of weeds. This doesn't even TOUCH what is required for knowledge for the well being of the lawn as far as insect and disease control.
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    you do not need to be licensed in MA for fertilizer only applications

    but as stated'll be feeding the weeds as you feed the turf

    you might want to sub this out for a complete lawncare program

    we'd be happy to work with you

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