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    I need some help constructing a estimate for a job. I need to re edge about 115ft of bed, clean and remove n install 518 sq ft. Drop n remove 35-40ft poplar and a 35-40 black elm, trim some shrubs and relayer a stone driveway of 1638 sq ft. Also do any of you guys do a senior citizen discount? how much? worth dropping prices for referrals?
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    ages good question, here goes my opinion(which is off tonight) start by thinking how to waste as little as possible, can the wood be sold, and the edging can the soil be reused at another point or else ware(is it still ok?), what are you fuel costs( gas, bio fuel, waste veg oil, wood gas ?)how does the labor portion fit in( do you like what you do and get paid accordingly)will the tree chips be composted and how long before they can be resold and for how much????does the referrals=$100000000 in sales, is this your grandma??how hot cold is it there. do you grow your own sod and plants and that cost V mark up and market. are the results one of a kind or can anyone do it (DIY), is there danger and how bad is it. and finally when do you plan on retiring.
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    Call Butchy or John at groundscapes express they are the best arborists you will ever meet, top notch. I believe they are in your area. Their compost is the best, documented "for sure"

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