Need something for tire ruts . Any suggestions ?d

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by thartz, Feb 7, 2007.

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    People park on side of road ( grass shoulder ) need to put down some type of product ( I'm looking at a turf paver ; diamond pattern with plant pockets ) to prevent ruts on shoulder . Can anyone give any suggestions for some other products that can help to cure this problem ? Any suggestion appreciated . Thanks TH
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    Can you give us a little bit more information?

    Let us know what kind of area it is, why people need to park there and such.

    The reason that you have ruts is because of the sub-soil is most likely clay, and the cars exert alot of force when stoping, turning and accelerating. You should think about excavating out the clay and replacing with a proper road base and you can top it with what ever you choose.

    You can actually level the area with the road base and use that as a parking area, not very fancy but it will do the job. I am not sure what your goal is as far as making the area look nice. This plan holds true for pavers, asphalt, etc... build the area up with a good base and you will avoid the ruts. Depending on the amount of clay, you may need 8-12" of road base or more, just depends on the soil and the amount of load you will put on iit.


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