Need Spyker spinner (impeller) help

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by americanlawn, May 28, 2014.

  1. americanlawn

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    I was told by members here that Spyker now offers a "4 straight-fin" impeller (Spyker calls them "spinners")

    (typical Spyker impeller = 2 curved fins + 2 straight fins).

    Problem: the typical curved Spyker impellers tend to spread heavy to one side. (don't ask me about their accuway, cuz that's another story)

    We switched to LESCO (4 straight fin) impellers, and the spread pattern became even. Problem with these LESCO impellers = they don't last long cuz they are thin & soft plastic.

    Recently, a LS member said Spyker now offers a 4 straight-fin impeller. (Just call 'em up). So I did so today.>>>

    End result after selecting the phone extension I needed (several companies use this same phone number)>>>>

    Spent 15 minutes repeating myself as to what I wanted.

    They said maybe it could have been for an old model they nolonger make.

    Then they asked if I could email a photo of a LESCO impeller.

    So this is where I'm at. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hoping somebody out there can give me a part number, cuz Spyker sure as heck doesn't know much at all.


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  2. RigglePLC

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    My Scotts spreader had two curved fins and it spread evenly. It seems like the curved fins would increase the randomness of the pattern. Surely their engineer added the curved fins for a reason.
    If you don't like 'em curved make 'em straight. A flat piece of plastic and a glue gun would do it.

    While you are at--would you mind--make a fin out of Teflon-coated aluminum--let us know if fert will not stick.
  3. pieperlc

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    Bought a spyker s40 this spring. Came with 4 straight fins. It's kind of bowl shaped.
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  4. jbturf

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    Not sure maybe try ss-94-0012

    Google it
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  5. americanlawn

    americanlawn LawnSite Fanatic
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    The part number stamped on the 2 flat/2 curved impeller is SS-94-0012-1

    Maybe I will call Spyker again? I hope they don't ask me for a picture again.

  6. americanlawn

    americanlawn LawnSite Fanatic
    from midwest
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    Still waiting. Was told Spyker offers a straight fin impeller by a LS member. Spyker could not help me. Instead they wanted photos of LESCO's impeller. I am frustrated cuz I can call TURFCO and describe what I need without any frickin' part number, and I receive it within 24 hours (no photos from competitors needed). :confused::confused:
  7. Spyker

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    First and foremost I would like to say that after speaking with Judy (the incredibly knowledgeable and undeniably sweet young woman you spoke with), I am disappointed that the tone of your post was so inconsistent with your demeanor on the telephone.

    The members that stated that we offer a 4-straight-fin impeller for the electric spreader did so mistakenly. We do offer a couple different straight-fin impellers, but not for the electric spreader. When she asked for the pictures of your current impeller (which you later took the time to post online, but never provided to her), she did so with the intent of taking the time to see if any of the impellers we offer for other models would fit your needs and resolve your problem with your Lesco impeller.

    In response to your remark about the Accu-Way™, I’d love for you to elaborate when you have a chance. With a proficient operator, the Accu-Way™ spread pattern control system offers industry-leading spread balance. This is evidenced by the many different ride-on spreader/sprayer manufacturers who choose Spyker over any other spreader on the market.

    After speaking with one of our design engineers, the two curved fins help to increase the spread width. This design cradles the granules and acts much like a slingshot. We use this impeller on our large platform push and powered products in order to increase their reach and thus require fewer passes.

    We pride ourselves on engineering some of the best spreaders in the world, and supporting them with world-class customer service. We always welcome feedback as long as it is open, honest, and objective. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly via PM.

  8. Mark Oomkes

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    Here's the answer to your problems (at least the spinner related ones) Larry:
  9. americanlawn

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    from midwest
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    I don't care what Mark says, we ain't switchin' away from out T3000's. :)

    Brad, I consider Spyker spreaders the best on the market regarding stand-on & ride-on spreaders. (thank you) We have also been using Spyker push spreaders for many years (we're probably the only outfit in town that does).

    Here's the deal. Stand-on Spyker spreaders run the impeller at a much faster speed compared to your push spreaders. (you can do a search & find out the scientific reasons like I did regarding faster impeller speed causing product to be thrown heavy to one side). This problem is also amplified when using small prills.

    Accuway: if it gets "caked up" (with fertilizer dust), it also creates an uneven pattern. (Preemergent products & fertilizer containing potash are notorious culprits).

    I have received phone calls, emails, and LS PM's from many who say the same thing as I. One guy is having a local fabricator build several straight fin impellers out of stainless steel cuz he says the Spyker "2-curved, 2- straight impellers "suck big time".

    Can you help with this issue? I would be happy to test out a 4 straight-fin impeller that you guys come up with. Guys want to know (I received another PM today regarding the same concern).

    Thanks in advance. :usflag:

  10. Spyker

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    This is great feedback and testimonial, thank you. We would love to hear more of your thoughts as we continue with our new product development projects :D

    If you're interested, either post or PM me your contact info.

    We do have an impeller with 4 straight fins that we use on our 40 Series, but it will most likely need a little modification in order to fit on your machine. If you'll send me your mailing address I'll get one out to you so you can try it out and let us know your thoughts.

    Thanks Larry

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