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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by vsolosky, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. vsolosky

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    hi - not exactly sure where to post this, but i'm designing another form for our organic lawn care business and need to find some lawn core aeration images (maybe the description of the plug coming out, side view of what happens when aerating, etc) and need them to be 300 dpi. so the images that i pull up under google are too small, so i need to purchases images from a stock photo site but cannot find what i'm looking for. anyone know of where i can find these? i've tried shutterstock, photostock, istockphoto, getty images, fotolia, etc....i'm getting frustrated..thanks!!!!
  2. RodneyK

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    You have tried everywhere I would have. If it was me I would see if I could use something like that from whichever aerator company you have bought from. Or, have someone put you together an Illustrator file based on something else you have found that was not high res enough.
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    Take an hour or two and take you own pics. That way you can get your own truck in the background and your guys can have your logo on the shirts.(Clean shirt.) Better than TruGreen who uses stock photos. Get an amatuer or pro to help you. And if you can find a way to get a foxy chick in the pic--so much the better. Maybe you can find an easy-on-the eyes woman to pretend she is the delighted homeowner. Maybe you can find a hot girl to operate the equip. Think about it...

    Be sure to put the pics on your(future) website--or yellow pages ad or wherever.
  4. vsolosky

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    here is a particular pic i would like to purchase because i need it at a higher resolution.....i've spoken with a graphic designer and he told me that you can go from large to small but not from small to large because when you add pixels even by resampling it still doesn't look right....

  5. bc3xx0

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    That isn't a very detailed graphic. Resampling would be a waste, not to mention you probably don't have the rights to it.

    Are you just wanting this for free??? If not, I say have the graphic designer you spoke to draw you up a graphic using that one as a reference. That should be a quick graphic to make because it isn't really all that detailed, thus being on the cheap.

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