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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Valerie, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Valerie

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    Hi! I'm a writer for Lowe's Home Improvement Stores and am doing a story on landscaping in areas where there's low moisture, rocky soil, highly acidic soil, or other adverse conditions. Would like to hear from a few people and their experiences with irrigation (what's worked? what hasn't?) Is there anyone out there in these situations who would talk to me by phone for a few minutes within the next couple weeks? Thanks so much!
  2. Planter

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    Since the people here are irrigation professionals who make their living installing systems that work and you are writing for a home center that caters to the do it yourself branch of the public I don't think you will have much success here.
    Now if you want to get a degree in hort so you understand soil science and water/soil relationship I'm sure you could whip out the article on your own.
    Another suggestion might be to contract one of the guys here as a ghost writer.
    Having fixed many crappy systems that the "DIY" crowd put in, I don't think I want to encourage it.
  3. PurpHaze

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    Now to bring up a rhetorical question: If I work on my own system at home am I still a professional or am I now a DIYer? :p

    I could really get an identity crisis. :cry:
  4. Planter

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    from Utah
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    I think you would be a professional. The DIY guys are easy to spot 15 foot heads on 20 foot settings, 10 PGP or MaxiPaws on a 1" line, no back flow, etc.
  5. PurpHaze

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    Phew... I was worried there for a minute. LOL
  6. bicmudpuppy

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    OUCH, there is that attitude I detest so much. We've beat it in the ground here on many occasions, so I won't get in depth. DIY systems can be above average systems in a lot of cases. I am in a "northern" or "winterization" area, so I LIKE any method that produces more systems. In the past, I have assisted many customers to install their own systems. Each one has a different comfort level as to what they can personally handle. Design fees and usually the tap are a given. Pull the pipe, sell the materials, wire the valves, install the controller. If we get beyond that, it stops being a DIY in my book. Best part about a good DIY is when they realize that even though we called it "easy money" in another thread, winterization isn't that "easy" if your only doing one system. And in the spring, they still need me to test the backflow. I wish I had 500 systems and all I had to do was turn 'em on and turn 'em off. I don't see that happening, but I would really like to make 50K for 12 weeks work.
  7. PurpHaze

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    I think we all know people we have helped out with a little guidance and their systems have come out adequately.

    On the other extreme (helping alot) I'm in the process of designing a system for one of the guys in our department. We won't put it in until late winter or early spring but there will be no charge other than parts. About six of the guys will get together and knock it out on a Saturday after I've already made the POC and set the PVB and controller. However, there WILL be plenty of beer flowing after the work is done and our spouses will be there for a big dinner feast courtesy of his family.
  8. sprinklerhead

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    :confused: Sorry Val. L@@ks like your Sh@# out of luck here!!

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