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Need Strip kit for exmark 48inch turf tracer hp


LawnSite Member
Does exmark make a strip kit for an 03 exmark turf tracer hp. would like to purchase one. It seems that there isn't much room between the deck and the tires. any imput would be great. mark


Manufacturer / Sponsor

Thanks for the post.

Yes there is a stripe kit available for The Turf Tracer HP, Turf Tracer, Lazer Z, Lazer XP, Lazer HP and the Lazer CT.

The part numbers and pricing for the rollers are:

Turf Tracer HP
36" - STRHPW36 - $240
48" and 52" - STRHPW48 - $240

Lazer HP and Lazer CT
44" - STRLHP44 - $250
48" - STRLHP48 - $250
52" - STRLHP52 - $250

Lazer Z
52" - STRLZ52 - $260
60" - STRLZ60 - $260
72" - STRLZ72 - $260

Lazer XP
60" - STRLZ60XP - $260
72" - STRLZ72 - $260 (same as std. Lazer)

The walk behind roller for the Turf Tracer HP will NOT fit the Metro HP. No striping roller is available for the Metro HP at this time. This is a change from what we may have previously posted.

Your delaer should be able to provide you with the most up to date pricing information as well as product availability.




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Southfield, MI
I know this is an old thread, but... how does the striping roller attach to the 48" Turf Tracer HP?