Need suggestion on software for SPECIFIC needs


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First of all, yes, I have spent over a week researching this site and the internet for these answers. I have downloaded trial versions of all of the software that I could get my hands on (Gopher, Groundskeeper Pro, Jobber, Lawn Aid). With that being said, I need to know if you are aware of any software that will do the following 2 things.
1) When I move an appointment, I would like it to move all future appointments to correspond to the new date (example: bi-weekly customer delays mowing for a week- when I reschedule it in the computer I would like it to AUTOMATICALLY reschedule the future visit(s).
2) We invoice daily and leave invoices at the door. I need a program that I can print the invoices without completing the job first. I would also prefer it to be automatic invoicing (meaning I don't have to create an invoice for each customer, just click to invoice).

I am strongly considering giving service autopilot a try but can anyone answer these questions to say if it can handle these 2 things? I emailed them and they said it does but I watched the 70 minute demo and looked at it and it does not look like it is capable. Thanks!


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I started to use Service auto pilot this year because I needed print in advance so I could leave invoice on the door. It works great. I believe it will reschedule based on your example...HOWEVER I'm not 100% sure.
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I can tell you that Lawnaid and Lawn pro are no good. I own bothe of them and have the premium version of Lawnaid. Ther is no support, I have been trying for over a month to try and get some help NOTTA!!!