Need suggestions for weed control in a gravel lot.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by leeson86, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. mx315

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    I've been using Mojave and Sahara for a few years in parking lots and storage yards. Does Pramitol have a longer kill duration or are all ground sterilants about the same?
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    There are different reactions and longevity lengths. The challenge I had with Primatol was a leaching issue. It also moved deeper into the soil, ideal under a blacktop paving but I became hesitant to use for just a gravel parking lot issue. JMO
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    I had this same problem about a month ago and I went to my local reps, they told me about mojave. I bought the spray mix rather than the granule, it is specifically used for parking lots and driveways. The one problem you are going to have is leaching but if like you said nothing is a round I'm sure that it wouldn't be a problem. It has a minimum residual of 6 months. I also thought it would be a great service to sell at large stores and malls.
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    That is definitely Kochia. Krovar I DF is probably the best long term control for Kochia.
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    Aren't Mojave and Sahara the same thing?
    7.78% Imazapyr
    62.2% Diuron

    I've never seen Mojave liquid though
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    Yep, except in price.
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    Can my goats have your kochia? It's like crack for them. Good suggestions on products.
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    Try Mojave EG 70 mixed with round up. It will burn all down in about a week and keep all weeds down. I general do one application anualy and a little spot treatment for areas I missed.

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