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    Hey everybody

    Im having a little problem with my backyard gardening because I put down some new grass over the brown section. everything going great maybe 2 weeks later i noticed some blonde colour grass which i found out that my dog's urine kill it, which i should have research more about it but never thought its would happen. so my mom decided to get rid of the new grass and do something else. i suggest to my mom was to put a garden around the brown section and put a wooden fence around it to prevent my dog walking over the garden plus its would look nice but the problem is that if you look at the picture of my backyard and you see where the vertical line is that is where the slope is. its kinda look weird if i put a wooden fence on a slope. cause its would not be straight looking fence. So i was thinking of putting the wooden fence at the back of the backyard and something to put on the brown left and right side section but I cant think of anything. gravel or stones look kind of weird

    I was hoping you guys have any suggestions...


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