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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by steve5966, Sep 9, 2010.

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    The decking will rot out faster than a burried post. In Ohio we put the post 36" deep with a 8" or more concrete footer below the post and the post is always the last to rot. I would recomend talking the owner into new posts that are burried but if not just get some cedar 1''x8"s or 1"x10"s and built a square post cover then wrap the top and bottom of the post cover with a 1"x6" to finish it off. It should cover those crappy blocks and it will make the post look more sustantial. Hope this helps
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    You mean everything in your state is supposed to have footings. Have you actually checked to see if those are more than blocks. Around here you can get those exact blocks at any box store. Don't ever assume the guy before you did the job right.

    On the other note a lot of towns simply wont allow for buried posts anymore. True they may limit sway, but proper bracing does the same without placing horizontal loads on the footer. Also if the footer is placed properly it never needs to be replaced, with a post inside you dont get that, and you run the risk that an unknown, rotted, below grade post will give way.
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    I think we all know that wood rots :)

    Not to turn this topic into a *to bury or not to bury" topic -

    Posts are easily replaceable. No different than a pier on an ocean, lake, river, etc.
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