need Tecumseh cam pic or diagram:

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    Hi Guys - thanks for your input on that Tecumseh compression release problem. I think Ill do as you all advised and fix it rather than try to get around it. Heck - the tractor was a freebie so Ive got nothing to loose and can only learn from it. Restorob- thanks for the links to the cam repair kit in an earlier thread. Now I have a few last questions b4 I tackle this.
    First- can anyone point me to a picture or diagram showing the proper way the spring should be installed on the camshaft? Or recommend a manual that I can purchase that would show this in detail? (my Clymers large air cooled engine book does not give me the detail Im looking for).
    Second - any words from experience on what to do , what to mark or not to do etc etc when dealing with the cam and related parts??
    Thanks in advance-- dave
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    The link below is for PDF Tecumseh manuals. Choose the one for your engine then right click on "Download" then "Save Target as", This should cover more than you need for this project.

    As far as any extra details, Just make sure you get the cam timing correct. The manual will have all of this in detail.

    Good Luck

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