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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jmar, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Hi All-

    I am posting here rather than the homeowners forum as one of my questions involves a commercial mower that I own. If it is preferred the thread should be moved please let me know.

    I have an exmark metro 36" I bought new in '05 or 6 it is a fixed deck without the esc controls and has the kohler motor. I am wanting to sell it, but not sure what it is worth. It is in what I would call good to excellent condition used just on my 1/4 acre of grass since I bought it and has never seen 4th or 5th gear or any repairs other than blade sharpening and maintenance. Well, maybe 4th gear when I was more "mobile".

    For health reasons and because the size of my lawn has increased to about an acre, I have been looking for a rider. I was looking at the toro Z4235. I have never been a toro fan, but then I have never owned one so its a weak argument. It seems like a decent mower for the money, and I like the small footprint and of course ZTR and the financing offers. Somewhere I read a review on the toro that the owner could feel the frame flex a bit. Is this intentional in the design or maybe he had the wrong beverage in the cup holder?

    Collectively, do any of you have an opinion of the exmarks value and whether the toro would be a good choice? FWIW the dealer I was at called a guy he knows with a service and he wants to look at the metro. He told him I wanted 1800.00 I thought that was a bit steep but that in the market here it was a desired piece of equipment.

    Thanks in advance-

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    I just sold a 36" metro about the same age as yours. More hours than yours, but looked immaculate (I keep my equipment in tip top shape), and had a floating deck, ECS controls and a Kawasaki engine. I got $2200. With a fixed deck and pistol grip controls I'd think you'd get less. I think your asking price is a good place to start the negotiations. Depending on how it looks, I wouldn't go lower than $1500 unless it starts getting later in the season and you really have to move it before the snow flies. Spit shine it before you show it.

    Don't know the ZTR model you mentioned. I put the funds of my sale into a Toro G3. Fantastic ZTR. Except for a different deck, it's the same mower as the Exmark Lazer. I'd recommend a used commercial grade ZTR over a new consumer ZTR. It will serve you well for many years.
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    You might find the following of interest...

    A mower like that sold 4-5 years ago for around 3 thousand that I'm aware of,
    but that same mower sells today for a lot closer to 4 thousand...
    What is it worth?

    Technically and truthfully speaking it's worth original price -30% off the lot -10% per year,
    so 3000 - 30% = 2000 - (10% x4.5 compounded) is about 14, 1500... Actually 1378 - 1530 lol

    But not only am I assuming yours has not been used commercially but as I already said, a new mower costs more today.

    So I think you can get 2 thousand for it, if it's in as good a shape as you say,
    garage kept and only used for your own yard, I would stand my ground on 2g's.

    Yup, I might go over it piece by piece for a couple of hours to make sure everything is good and might fix
    a few things but really just clean it up real good, take pictures, put up the ad and then just be patient.

    Oh, one more thing...
    After you wash it, please wait for the water to dry before taking pictures...
    Just drives me nuts seeing an ad where I can still see water everywhere, I ain't stupid.
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    Man I got a steal on my 07 metro 36 ecs controls fixed deck kawasaki engine w/ 250 hrs. I payed about $1450. Honestly I would shoot for $1600-1700 and expect $1500 These exmarks are excellent mowers and @ $1500 its a hell of an investment for someone. The fact that you used it strictly as a homeowner will ad to the value. Be sure to ad that in your post (craigslist im guessing) Maybe even go a little higher, see what you get bites on and what it boils down to. At most, start at $1800

    Also, when you have someone coming to look, spray the deck and everything down with wd40 or similar it will make it shine like new..
  5. jmar

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    Thanks guys- I appreciate your responses!

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