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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by meets1, Dec 28, 2009.

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    I do a lot of work for a client who just bought a new 2010 350 ford, single wheel, long bed, crew cab. Traded his ford diesel in for a V-10. He said the dealer told him that no 3/4 trucks were coming with the new diesels - only 350 and up. Also said last year for the V-10 as ford now is coming with a 6.2 liter to chase or beat chevy's 6.0 liter.
    Truth or myth about this ford info. Reason to get gas - dealer told hiw with shorter trips - diesel will be no good do to emisison stuff. dealer told him he'll be the shop more with that truck than in his own garage. This is the new diesel therefore him going with a V-10 and getting 2010.
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    the diesels 6.7 will be in the 250's as well. I have been hearing good things about them, pricey but good.
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    No, the 6.7's will definitely be in all of the Superduty models. Is it the last year of the V10? no, I don't think so. I believe the 6.2 V8 is being built to replace the 5.4 as the standard engine offering, with the V10 still being an option. The dealer didn't sell him short on the "diesel wouldn't be good for short trips due to the emissions package" thing. If your client makes short trips, particularly ones where the engine may not get fully warm, than yeah, he'd be better off with the gasser.

    I have to agree with JB1, everything I've been hearing about the new Superduty drivetrain has been nothing but good, though it'll probably end up pricey in the end.
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    The V-10s are supposed to be discontinued in 250-350 pickup trucks the 450-550 will still have the V-10.

    The 6.4 option in a truck in Canada is already 8 grand the new 6.7 will be probably 10 grand. A new diesel pickup truck isn't worth buying the fuel mileage isn't that good. The maintenance costs are way too much.
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    I'm looking at a 2006 F550 with a V-10 for $18,200. It's an XLT, flatbed/gooseneck, 52,000, and looks great(I drove it). I have called dealers from all over and every single one says to not get a 6.0 or 6.4. One mechanic said, "If not for the diesels, we wouldn't have a job". The V-10 is really a no brainer with $17.95 oil changes, cheaper unleaded fuel that you can find anywhere, cheaper initial costs, etc. I spoke to a dealer yesterday that said that "You don't want to see the cost of a new truck". He mentioned that last year, $20,000 expeditions are now back up to $60,000 and people are choking when they see the new prices. I was wanting to go with a new Dodge 4500 and he mentioned that in 2010, they'll have the new body style with an actual "crew cab" and the prices won't be very negotiable. I am a Dodge fan but with the diesel problems and rising fuel costs, I am really considering going with the V-10 in the Ford. Also, the V-10 gets better mileage than the 6.4!!!!!!!!!:dizzy::dizzy:
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    Be sure to get an Oasis Report before you buy.

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    we love our v-10, we have one in a 250, and two in 350s. i see that the v-10 will only be offered in 350 package though, i wonder why. they are really beefing up the gassers i see too. wow, we have several 5.4 and they have been great, but now a 6.2 and even a 6.7. that is a huge v8 man, my god. i hope the mileage is ok with that. i bet it feels every but of ballsy as the v-10 in most conditions.
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    Bring back the old workhorse gas engine the 460 you couldn't beat those engines they did like the fuel thou.
  10. JB1

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    I have had some tell me the new diesels are getting a lot better mileage, couldn't be any worse, hope its true.

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