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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Tom-N-Texas, Mar 14, 2006.

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    I was at Lesco today and noticed they sell a 21-0-0 fertilizer. The guy working behind the counter said there was no ammonia or Urea (sp?) in the product. I'm supposing that this can only be good....but I was wondering if anyone has heard of this or tried this product. If so, what is your opinion that this may be less toxic than your average fertilizer. It didn't seem to have any chemical odor at all.

    I realize that this is just a straight nitrogen fertilizer with a rapid release, so in that respect it's probably not the greatest fertilizer in the world, but I was just wondering if it would be a little friendlier to the environment. The other great thing about it is it's only $9 for a 50 pound bag. Thanks for any info
  2. quiet

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    You'll need to check, but I'll bet that's their straight Ammonium Sulfate fertilizer. Nothing wrong with AS for our area. Fast green up, beautiful color, 25% Sulfur. . .

    No P, no K, no slow release N, no micros. But if you want a quick, beautiful green-up at a low price, this is it. Water!
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    Hey whats up here?......This is the Organic Forum? [ good price though:hammerhead: ]....this should be with the guys shootin up there lawns with metha-anphetimines and the like, which forum is that?
  4. Bluefin

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    This material is a bridge product with a 20% N content. Could be that it is methylene urea/IBDU etc. mixed with some other nitrogen salts. At that price though, I would tend to think it is mostly salts. Why don't you just look on the bag....the label must state the nitrogen sources and percentages....sheeeeesh.
  5. gil

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    read the label and make sure it is water unsoluble nitrogen. 20-0-0, I would look for something different

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