need tips on trimming palm trees

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by chadwhick, Feb 6, 2006.

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    Few questions. 1st off, What's the best way to prune sago palms to keep them healthy?
    next what about tall palms. 24 ft ladder and 12 ft pole saw is barely getting it. have you guys heard of anyone climbing it like the power guys climb power poles, spike shoes and a strap and useing a hand saw?
    last, all the ends of the branches against the trunk of the tree can be pulled or shaved off pretty easily, is that bad for the tree?
  2. PurpHaze

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    Although a Sago is a cycad and not a palm the trimming back of leaves is pretty much the same. Start at the bottom and snip the stalk close to the trunk going around the plant. Leave enough leaves on the plant to keep it shaped the way you want it. Smaller sagos might be pruned up a little higher so leaves are not touching the ground whereas larger ones can have some drooping for effect. It's your choice.

    Most palms that bear some type of fruit will have spikes on their stalks that will go through skin, clothing and even leather gloves fairly easily. I would not suggest climbing under these circumstances. I'd recommend that a lift of some type be used.

    I've never seen a palm die from having the husks removed for decorative effects. It could make them susceptible to some types of critters depending on what is in your area.
  3. kmann

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    I take it your talking about the Fan Palms that when the Frons die they are impossible to cut. You need to cut them before they turn brown. Once they are, you either need a Ladder that will get you right up in them and saw them off, or as someone else said, get a lift. There is another way, and that is a 12 or 16 ' Stepladder and a Telescoping Pole Saw. Any way you look at it, once those Frons hang straight down, your're screwed!! Oh and if you climb into the dead ones, carry a can of Wasp and Hornet killer that sprays
    20 ft.
  4. PurpHaze

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    And... watch out for rats, pigeons, owls and other critters. :laugh:

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