Need to build Zmax carrier rack for F-550

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GreenAcresFertCo., Feb 16, 2012.

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    It's not because of ZZ Top other than they used that particular name for their build. I have a 2012 CTS-V

    Now, back on topic. I really like that aluminum piece those fellas in PA make. My guess is it's not cheap and in the 6000-7000 dollar range, but aluminum is stronger than steel and half as heavy. Plus you don't have to worry about corrosion for the most part.

    Just a comment on the idea of these racks failing and causing a loss of your machine. It's rarely the rack in my experience but generally the system used to mount the machine that fails, or the machine isn't tied down in error.

    It's a great idea for that truck and your business Bryan, and I would think any competent fabricator could build you a rigid, removable platform out of the materials of your choosing and that fits within your budget.
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    To a certain degree maybe. Years ago, the 1100 gal Chemlawn tanks we used had cast aluminum tank legs to support he fiberglass tank. We kept those trucks fairly clean and even painted the legs during winter maintenance and still had to replace them every 4-5 yrs due to corrosion. Thats a big chunk of change for a truck bed and is no doubt awesome but I wouldn't carry my fert equipment on it. The whole setup is great but the only part of it that I would want to be aluminum would be the ramp...for weight purposes.
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    I'm not worried about lose of my machine, i'm worried about killing the driver behind me when the rack falls off. Any fabricator can build one, its cya if it does fail. I would really like to know the DOT view on these racks. I love the idea but the amount of weight and making the front end of the vehicle lighter, possibly causing loss of control? I can see the lighter machines but a z spray, etc and if the operator loads the machine full of chemicles and fert. then puts it onthe rack, well thats alot of weight.
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    I googled it with one Z and found it spelled in several articles that way, but two Z's make more sense.
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    Thanks for the update
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    yes...I realize it wasn't important...:)
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    I looked at having zspray's local fabricator make one for our f450 but decided against it for a number of reasons. However, I will only add that for the amount of $$ you guys are talking for a carrier rack like that from monroe, you can darn near get into an enclosed trailer. That would be my recommendation. We have a 16' box trailer set up just for apps and its the cats meow.
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    Don't forget dynamic load. Suppose you hit a rough railroad crossing at 35 mph. And your Z-Spray hops up about an inch and then falls back down. Then you have to consider the impact.

    I would like to see your Z in a low step-van. About like a UPS truck. If it fits between the wheel-well projections...a ramp would not be too difficult. If you build a side door, that may fit your situation.
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    Now that would be the cats arse.
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