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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Jamie James, Mar 27, 2014.

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    Key word here for any of those mowers is MAINTENANCE. A buddy of mine had a 1999 Walker and it was a POS because he didn't maintain it. Why someone would spend 8K+ and not keep up their equipment blows my mind. I've heard the Navigator has a better hydro/engine setup. (That was a few years back) Really though its more about which one you feel more comfortable on as long as you maintain them regularly. Demo both of them.
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    I talked to the commercial dealers. See which ones cared enough about me to offer a loaner if I had to bring in my mower. Hustler is what I own. I would rather sit than stand but I do have a walk behind hustler with a bagger and sulky. But my Hustler 60" super z is a pleasure to ride. I know it's scary spending money for "new" but I could never understand when people are selling used mowers they say they have been maintained. 1500 hrs on mower and 200hrs on engine. Yea right, if mower was maintained (oil changed) I don't think the engine would needed changed. Take a loan out, it will cost you $175 to $200 a month but it's also a write off.
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    Walker is a GREAT mower if YOU are mowing with it.

    They can be maintenance pits if you think you are going to put a $10/hr guy on one.
    They think they are bumper cars, and walkers like to be taken care of.

    USed mowers are for guys who are start ups, and want to see if they can make it.

    You are established and looking to grow.

    Bite the bullet, buy a new mower.
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    Agreed on buying new. You will know for a fact that it has been properly serviced, not been tortured, and plus it comes with a warranty. :clapping: I just picked up a 2014 Scag Cheetah this week! :cool2: But probably spent close the the retail in parts on my first used ZTR with 1000+ hours. Nothing better than peace of mind knowing you have reliable equipment, plus the new suspension seats/platforms are really nice too lol.
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    Not to change the topic but when I started cutting lawns 5 years and did some landscaping jobs I bought a $40,000 F550 and put on a new Western V plow for $7,500 and I was running older used mowers and I had problems with the truck and mowers all the time. I had the 6 litre and I did not realize it was a bad engine at the time. Anyways I started to get into a big mess with payments and expensive shop bills from ford. My last bill from ford was $5,400 and when I went into the shop I asked the guy why this truck is always breaking down and he said its a good truck. As I walked back to my truck with mixed emotions I told myself its time to dump this truck no matter what and get a pickup. Anyways I lost my shirt when I sold it for less then half and bought a used GMC 2500 which for the past 3 years has been great. Long story short I went to big to fast and now I'm only just climbing out the hole because all my payments are lower plus insurance. I also bought a used plow for $1,300 installed cash.

    Now after saying this I learned a great lesson think twice before going big to quickly.

    Now back to the mower I'm running 2 mowers that 21 inch toro and 36 inch walk behind john Deere. I can afford the payments of a new one and if it will last 10 years or more then that's a plus.

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    A 52" wb will serve you just fine. You can get a decent one for around $3-3500 and you will cut your mowing times almost in half.
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    Output is only as good as input.

    First post only mentions a 20". Now at the end of the 3rd page you say you also have a 36" WB.

    Do you think that those that recommended you getting a 30" or 36" was good advice?
  8. Armsden&Son

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    Step back boys and let the big dog give out some solid gold advice....

    Walker mowers are pretty much what holds the universe together....

    So..... If you are thinking about getting down with the yellow....

    Listen to your inner being and pull that trigger my friend...

    The Walker Commercial Lawn Tractor has been a really good friend of mine since about 1998 and you know what?

    I have never been let down.
  9. Armsden&Son

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    In case you don't know me, that was a slightly comical and silly post....

    However, everything I said about Walker is true...
  10. Jamie James

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    You are correct on the first post I forgot to mention I also use a 36 in walk behind its a older john Deere.

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