Need to double from 40 acts to 80

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by brentsawyer, Nov 12, 2001.

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    i think flyers/doorhangers work best, hire a young teen to pass them out for x amount of dollars. give the teen a stack full of door hangers and flyers, tell him to pass them out in the entire neighboor hood, have another teen pass them out in another neighboor hood and so on. i say flyers and doorhangers becuase not everyone has the type of door a door hanger would work with. i dislike direct mailings (junk trash) and phone calls and door knocking.
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    Last year I suggested here to have the local boy scouts or girl guides hand out your fliers as a fund raiser. It would look good and help a worthwhile cause. Did anyone try this?
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    Thanks Kutnkru. That was interesting reading. Unfortunately he didn't say what his response percentage was with the final flyer design.

    Also, I was glad to see that he only talked about color paper as opposed to color printing because color copies are expensive.

    I used colored paper with black printing. This got me a 1% response, but the good news is that I closed about 90% of the estimates. So I didn't waste any real time giving estimates to price shoppers.
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    YOu should take the flyer route one step futher..
    Whoever is passing them out should write their intitials somewhere on the card/flyer. This way you can 'spiff' them with an extra 5 bucks or so when that flyer gets you a client. This will give them MUCH MORE incentive to pass them out.
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    In our area those small signs are illegal but people put them on the power poles, street signs and whatever anyway. I just don't care for the image most of them give. If you want to do work in a particular subdivision find out if there is common area to be maintained and be in touch with the person in charge of that responsibility. Offer to give them a bid for that work, maybe offer a free service in exchange for publicity from them. Maybe edge the sidewalks at the entrances in exchange for a listing in their subdivision newsletter. Often people are so pleased that someone is interested in their neighborhood that they will recommend you to their friends.
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    Need a plumber, electrician, carpet shampooer, mechanic? Gonna check around for the best price on tires?

    Why is it that people seem so deadset against the yellow pages? 3 weeks ago I picked up a job for $350.00, one for $400.00, and one for $250.00. All these came to me, I didn't have to do anything but have my wife answer the phone, page me, tell me their name and number and haul a$$ over there. I got all 3 and made money on each one of them. My Yellow page ad costs me $13.70 a month and the business line is like $68.00. For $980.00 a year I have coverage all the time. I tried flyers one time, back when I got started...............notta.................tried an ad on was catchy too!

    "Got irrigation irritation?" blah blah blah..................

    Now for those of you that say yellow page ads are expensive: ink and paper and gas and paying the teenagers etc. adds up too. For a 1% response!

    When I decided to do the yellow page thing I looked around and saw what other companies were busy and growing.........then I looked em up in the phone book............they were yellow.

    If you think all your gonna get is price shoppers then but yourself in the customers shoes. How many times have you done the same thing? We all do it from time to time and never give it a second thought. If you do some screening you'll find out if the caller is what your looking for real easy.

    I've said it over and works if you make it work. I'm glad I did it and I have the option of cancelling it every year but for the money it's the best way to go.
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    About the "AT YOUR SERVICE" ads in the newspaper. You can't just run it for one month and expect great results. If you keep it in there the whole year and people begin to remeber your business then when they are looking for your service they will call YOU and not someone else. At least this is what I learned in my marketing class in college. I have learned that it is the same with flyers. Don't just pass them out once in a neighborhood. Pass the same neighborhood two or three months in a row or every other month. Hit them again and again so that when they go to look for a lawn service the first company they think of is yours. You get the same 1% response rate if not a little higher but your new accounts will be close together.

    I continue to hit the same areas over and over again. As I result I have great concentration of my accounts. I have 12 accounts on ONE street and 7 on another street. I have about 85 lawn accounts and almost all of them are in 3 areas of town. At this point I wont even give bids accross town or very far out of my areas of concentration. I may have an advantage over most of you though because Reno is a high growth city and my areas of concentration are all new developments. At one point I mow 7 accounts and move my truck about 100 feet. I get $191 for those 7 accounts and it takes two of us about 1.5 hours to mow all of them.

    Also, I don't give neighborhood discounts. My work is worth full price even if I am already in the neighborhood and I haven't found that my customers expect a discount. I give them good service for a fair price and they are happy with that.
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    Do you do anything to separate your yellow page ad from the other LCOs in the phone book? I don't know about your area, but there are a lot of ads in my local tome...
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    I guess that because I had to have everything reprinted due to their error that I have not and will not deal with them. Extremely pigheaded to say the least about people who F' with my biz. I took it personal then and because business has never faltered w/o them I suppose I can continue dwealing in my small realm of reality -LOL!!!


    Please note that Bell Atlantic is not the guilty party and should not be associated with poor customer relations.

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