Need to let someone go, but can't decide who

Discussion in 'Employment' started by MikeTA95, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. MikeTA95

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    I guess I'll start with a little bit of background: I started my company and initially had my brother and another guy working for me. They helped me get where I am now, in the past four years. Both have been loyal workers, but the other guy has always been a harder worker and more reliable to me than my brother as a laborer. This year I got a second truck and decided to hire a second crew.
    I ended up hiring two new laborers, and they ended up being really good workers. I mean really good, they pumped out higher quality work at a faster pace. Now that things are starting to slow down, I need to reduce my 4 man crew to three. My original plan was going to be to let one of the newest guys go, but I really can't. The new guys are here as a pair, if I fire one I loose both. I also really want to keep both.
    So now I have to decide between getting rid of my younger brother, or my most reliable employee of four years. I feel bad because both of these guys helped me build this company, but financially the new workers are my best bet. If I could, I would keep everybody, but in the summer we really slow down and I couldn't pay all four people for the jobs I have this summer.
    Has anyone had this issue, or have any suggestions as to what I should do?
  2. nepatsfan

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    Legal workers don't usually come as pairs. Fire the illegals
  3. KrayzKajun

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    Don't keep yur brother just becuz he is family. Evaluate him on the same basis as the other guys.
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  4. MikeTA95

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    Everyone is legal, the two guys are brothers, one is just younger than the other.
  5. KS_Grasscutter

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    Is adding more work an option? When things are slow, once everyone gets done for the week hand them a box of doorhangers to go do some promotion. Surely you will need all the help again this fall?
  6. nepatsfan

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    You and your younger brother don't come as a pair but these guys do:rolleyes::confused:
  7. shovelracer

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    Cut all the hours by 25%. Then offer an incentive for them to bring in more work. If they refer a job and you get paid, they get 5%.
  8. lazor-cut

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    Yeah as KS Grasscutter said, start marketing more work such as Landscaping, Mulch jobs etc. Another thing i suggest is HOLD ON to your guys if they are truly really good workers because those type of workers are hard to find!

    Also you can try cutting everyones hours. Or Planning days off. (Mon-Thurs)

    Good luck
    Let us know what you do!

    Edit: Sorry for the repetition, looks like Shovelracer Posted while i was typing!
  9. MikeTA95

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    Haha I guess that really is my dilemma. My brother isn't a bad worker, and he does have a relationship with customers as well, but he is probably my least productive employee, and if it wasn't for the fact he was my brother he would probably be the one to go.
  10. MikeTA95

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    I talked to another landscaper friend of mine in town. He seemed willing to give either my brother or the other guy an opportunity to learn hardscaping, but at a reduced hourly wage.

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