need to light a batting cage

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Pro-Scapes, Oct 26, 2007.

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    We have an excellent client who has continued to utilize our services for a year now. They are in the process of having a batting cage installed and want us to handle the lighting with our electrician..

    The cage is set amist several mature pines and is about 60 ft long by 16 wide.

    My first thought was regular flood fixtures mounted to the 6x6 posts that will be installed but I think we are going to need a bit more bang. Can anyone chime in with some good line voltage recomendations on this ? I was thinking about a pair or 2 of some 600w halogens should do the trick. Obvioously the lights will need to be mounted high enough they offer no glare to the batter. and we will be installing a small sub panel at the cage area to power the lights and pitching machine.
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    Here's and Idea Billy, get a detailed plan of the cage with length and width. Give the plan to your local electrical supply house, they will fax the plan to a major HID lighting manufacturer and they will specify the lighting for you.

    When you are talking about a batting cage you want to make certain to have the proper foot candles at all locations of the cage. The manufacture can find out exactly how many foot candles are supposed to be there and design the lighting accordingly.

    I used this approach to do the lighting for a riding arena once and it worked out great. When it comes to sport lighting, you want to make sure that everyone is safe and lighting is VERY important. You want to see that ball coming at you!!
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    great idea paul thanks... i will measure next time I am out next week then go talk to the boys at stover-smith and see whats what.
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    Sounds like you need some metal halide to me.
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    exactly.... the area is 70x15 at todays measurement. We will be placing 6 fixtures 14 ft up mounted on posts. We have selected hubble miniliter iv. The trick will be in the placement and aiming but it should make the whole scene brighter than daylight and dim half the nieghborhood out when they come on.

    Waiting for the electrician to head out there. Gotta get these lights more down and twoards the batting cages. Bet the nieghbors are gonna be pissed lol

    1500w of metal halide ought to light this up well I think

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