Need to Rebuild Craftsman LT-1000 Mower Deck

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by NEwhere1, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Apple Cider Vinegar for rust removal. I'm not necessarily saying do it this way, just that it's a good way. And if you tip the deck over, it needn't be 6" deep. And you save the vinegar for other projects. Filter out the big chunks and use it until it loses it's potency. White Vinegar will work, but much more slowly.

    Newer machines have a lot of plastic body parts. Crummy paint and Government designed, lean running engines that are mostly, if not all, made in Asia. The weight isn't there and neither is the quality of build. Most Big Box Stores have a No Questions Asked policy if you return it within 90 days of purchase. They get a lot of returns. Just go pick out another, or get your money back.

    Yes, the decks are thin. They can be patched. Find a guy in your area who welds and show him the deck. He will know if it can be suitably repaired. A fault near a spindle would make me nervous.

    The cheapest deck I have seen around here, on Craigslist, is $150.00. That's why I gave mine away. Smokey motor and bad deck made me lose interest quickly.
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    Take it to the shop that fixed your oil leak. They might have some input on that deck. They might even have one. And ask them about the brakes. I have no idea what goes on with brakes.
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    After a couple days in my new electrolysis tank.....


    Should have just left the rust on....





    Time for some paint this evening, that last pic is primer drying.....
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    I think you have done well. Things are better with the rust gone. And now, you are an expert. By the way, all mowers get grass all over them. It holds moisture and promotes rust. Some blow it off after use, some wash it off. Same with underneath. Disable the engine, so it can't possibly start, and then scrape off the accumulation of grass underneath. It's a pain, but worth the time to save the deck from rotting.
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    I replaced the mandrels, spindles, bolts, washers, belt, blades on the deck of my LT1000 the beginning of this year. I got the parts from sears and it cost nearly $300.... I'd try to find some of the parts elsewhere because the bolts, washers, nuts, etc are highway robbery from sears. Mine also gets grass all over the deck.
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    This is a couple of months old, but may be of assistance to some one...
    Replacing the deck with good used=most cost effective, but requires some time investment to find good used deck.
    Replacing with a new deck=easiest to find and build-up, being new, no smelly build-up, no rusty holes...
    Build "fabricated" style deck from scratch.
    The latter ended up being the only viable option for me as my deck was either unavailable or really expensive.
    The "fabricated deck takes a bit of thought, planning, layout, but they end up being quite good [mowing] and if you know someone with a welder, could be inexpensive.

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