need to seal my black-top driveway what do i need

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by grass disaster, May 16, 2006.

  1. grass disaster

    grass disaster LawnSite Silver Member
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    update i did my own

    well i decided to go against the majority of the advice from you guys.

    i seal coated my driveway myself

    took me about 2 hours...1/2 hour previous day to apply crack sealer with trawl.

    i had an old pair of boots and i took my painters pants and went to town.

    no i did not splash it all over the streaks.... no burning skin(hahaha)

    cost was $52
    2 buckets
    1 broom/squeegee

    although i am glad i did it my self i would not want to do this for a living, my back was sore.... maybe i needed a longer handle on the squeegee though
  2. onahill

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    Well, Good for you!!!lol:cool2:

    Thats 1 & 1/2hr longer than the pros would have taken..

    a longer handle on the squeegee would have helped.

    No streaks???? really?? thats pretty good for doing it your self.

    no splashing on the house, garage or your self either, thats very good.
    Did you get any on the lawn or the concrete apron for the garage?

    I could use a guy like you with a little practice you could be doing 8 to 10 drives a day. lol:waving:
  3. grass disaster

    grass disaster LawnSite Silver Member
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    Ok i'll admit today when i saw it after it dried, i did see some streaks. they are minimal in my opinion. i was running short twards the end of the driveway so i put in a little bit of water to thin it out. i don't have any straks in that section of the pavement.

    oh yeah i did get some on the lawn but i really didn't care about that.

    it does look like it could possibly use a second coat but i think i'm going to wait till next year so i can keep it looking BLACK.
  4. ChicagoSeal

    ChicagoSeal LawnSite Member
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    A decent bucket sealer costs 20 bucks for 5 gallons. 5 gallons of sealer will cost the company doing it for you a little over 5 dollars. This is why it will cost you the same amount to have the company come and do it professionally compared to doing it yourself, regardless if you're going to buy a good squeegie (50+ bucks for one that will do the job correct) ruin your shoes, pants, shirt, whatever. The cost of quality sealer available to the consumer is far too much money to make it worth it, even if you can do a great job the first time.

    One of the things I put on flyers sometimes is "We will do your driveway cheaper than if you did it yourself." Some may not believe it, but when you write down the numbers, it all adds up.

    With 80 gallons of sealer and 20 gallons of water (what my local mnfct. reccomends) costs me about 115 dollars. That would cost a consumer 320 bucks.
  5. ChicagoSeal

    ChicagoSeal LawnSite Member
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    Also, in order to have a high quality seal, you should be putting about 4 lbs of sand per gallon into your sealer, depending on what type you use. Adding sand into the contractor's cost is not really an issue, bc 100lb of silica sand is something like 6-10 dollars, depending on your area.

    Your best bet is to call 4-5 sealcoating companies. That way you'll probably get 3 of them that will actually show up to give you an estimate. AFTER they give you the estimate ask them how much sand they put in it, and if they can specify the amount on the contract. Also, if they are spraying it, make sure your price includes the RECOMMENDED 2 coats. If not, don't do it. Too many companies will spray on a very thin coat and it'll wear off quickly.

    A nice squeegie, even if it is one coat, with sand mixed into the sealer, will last you a few years.

    Also, make sure that they are using a coal based sealer, the other products just aren't up to them in terms of durability yet. The shiny black sealers hardly do anything, and most contractors that use them add too much water, at least in the Chicago area. Hope that helps.
  6. ChicagoSeal

    ChicagoSeal LawnSite Member
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    Sorry didn't see that until after I posted.

    Two buckets and a cheap squeegie, you did do it cheaper than it would've cost you. I forgot to mention, if your driveway is something like 400 square feet, there is no reason to call somebody to do it if you want to save yourself 50 bucks. It's really tough to find somebody good to do your driveway if it's that small for under 100 bucks.

    But when you get to 1,000 sq. feet and above, I'd definitely recommend calling somebody, besides quality, you will actually save money, as mentioned in the post above.

    Oh, and getting sealer on your lawn, it'll grow out in a few weeks and when you cut it the sealer is gone. When I seal my own driveway I get it all over the edges, just because I know it'll be gone in a week and don't mind. Customer's on the other hand, they mind, so I never get any on their grass.
  7. grass disaster

    grass disaster LawnSite Silver Member
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    got a flyer on the dam mail box today

    they wanted $180 to do the driveway

    now i'm glad i did my own for $50
  8. mayfly

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    OK, let us be realistic. You are not necessarily going to splash on the house, on your clothes on your skin or leave streaks. I think it is a bit over-the-top to make those kinds of remarks.

    It is like stating that you should get your lawn mowed professionally because if you don't it will cost you:

    - replacement electrical chord from running over it: $25
    - replcement blade from running over a bolder: $49
    - repainting the fence boards from scratching it: $25
    = total cost of lawn mowing $99. A professional would have done it for $20 (in half the time)

    Anyone who is any bit carefull will do a good job. Might not look perfect, but it will do. My 2-car driveway cost me a total of $25+tax (cost of one bucket of sealer and roller) and about 2 hours of my life. Next time I will use a squeegee for a flatter finish, but it turned out pretty good with the roller as well.
  9. fullmetalbucket

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    Ummm.... Welcome to the site?
  10. fullmetalbucket

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    Could it be that the guy who is charging $180.00 is actually trying to MAKE MONEY by providing a service? If it cost you $50.00 that's great but it seems to me whenever I read about lawn maintenance companies caving in to low balling customers there's always reference to the cost of doing business.... IE. insurance, wages, WSIB, vehicle and equipment maintenance and fuel costs. Why are all you guys getting down on professional asphalt maintenance contractors rates? There isn't much difference between lawn and driveway maintenance.... BOTH have the cost of materials purchased to do the job, BOTH have employees, BOTH have expensive equipment and vehicles (if done right) and BOTH require some measure of expertise to achieve good results your customers are pleased with.
    Just remember, anyone can cut grass..... it ain't brain surgery either!

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