Need to Sub out Palm Tree(s) install

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by rob7233, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Got a call from a LCO friend who wants me to meet with a HOA President next week for installation of two to four Canary Island date palms at their subdivision entrance. This is a bigger job that I'm accustomed to. How would I go about finding a good subcontractor to do this work? Where should I start calling? Any particular questions I need to ask besides experience, equipment and GL insurance? It's situations like this that give you an opportunity to grow, expand services and learn (hopefully not the hard way).

    Although I haven't talked to her yet and looking at the potential site, I'm guessing she'll need some 30' specimens. I don't want to spend hours and hours chasing down the palms, prices and subs.

    I just thought I try to get some direction here before I met with her.
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    I can help you out Im in Tampa and thats all I do is Speciman Palms.
    PM with your number.

    I'll also send you a PM with my cell #.
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    Thanks Paul for the info. I'll need to wait till I meet with her to see what she really wants.

    To expand on this topic of locating and dealing with sub-contractors in my area - anyone have any suggestions on the best way of going about this? I know I've run into situations that I could have used a tree-trimming guy with a boom truck, irrigation guys (that really know what their doing), excavating/bobcat work, group of general laborers to put down sod and grade, etc, etc. Not to mention clients that ask for referrals to plumbers, electricains, tile guys, drywall etc.
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    It takes time to find good sub contractors.

    I can help you out with the Bobcat work such as grading, tree intsall, sod.

    We are large landscaping firm with a tree farm down south.

    Where in central Florida are you. When you say central I always think of Orlando area.

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