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Need to subcontract out 9 lawns in the Northville/Novi Michigan Area ASAP

Five Star Lawn Care LLC

LawnSite Bronze Member
heres the list ...im offering $900 a month...if you would like to take a look at them and tell me if your interested.

49675 7-Mile, Northville (bi-weekly...he cuts the weeks in between)
43425 Scenic Lane, Northville
42582 Park Ridge, Novi(needs a 36 or smaller forback)
21751 Chase Drive, Novi
40046 Sandpoint, Novi
40440 Ladene, Novi
41420 Six Mile, Northville
18167 Shoreline, northville
15015 Lakewood, Plymouth (needs a 32" or smaller)

we did a small route in canton first and we probably got to our first in northville at about 10:30am...then we would stop at 8 & haggerty and eat lunch at about 1:00pm (30-45 min depending on if we filled up the gas)...then we would ussually get done and to another livonia route at about 3

it was a 2 man crew...so about 8 man hours a week...but it was just way to much drive time for us...if you have someother accounts in these area you will be able to make better use of your time

Pm Me For More Details!!!

Must be cut on either Weds, Thurs, or Friday