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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Frontier-Lawn, Nov 16, 2006.

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    well heres the history. I got this client (half here half in west Virgina) last year, a great one. paid for the whole year up front. years up cancels due to pool and complete landscape install, takes 6 months and wants me back after the warranty (6month) is up on the new grass and landscape. i get them back and have them for 3 months, they have a pest prob that treminex did not do so i refer them to ric. He sign them up for a $700 package deal so we're both happy. so one day i get there she tells me how she would like some plants trimmed i start to trim them runs out says forget about it, i'll fig out something. i blow it off. next time there Ric's there to do his thing and to find out before i get there they told ric to do the fert, and did not tell him that i had that in my contract with them (ric and i had no prob with it), so i leave since i can't mow. i come back 2 weeks latter and mows and as i was leaving she hands me a envelope. i open it half way home and I'm no longer needed due to me not doing what was in my contract and that i should stick with what i do good and thats mowing. so i send him a last bill for $25.00 he pay's and sends a note that i don't deserves this since i did not mow for 2 weeks. Rule One Make your clients stick to the Contract
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    I hate people....but love parties.

    Don't sweat it man.....sounds like just one of the MANY loony toon people out there. Water on a duck's back. No time to dwell on this, you've got other moves to make.
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    what pisses me off is now im down to under $1000mth in influx and only 10 clients with out the cash to do any advertising now.
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    Keep your head up man youll come out of it,just hit the payment hard looking for bad looking places stop in sell your work even if its 1 time jobs. Thats how I gained a lot of my work when I was in biz last time,stopped at a car dealership that was over grown got the mowing job 3 months later turned into to a major landscape job: 15 pallets sod,200 hedges and plants,25 yrds of mulch. Sure glad I didnt just keep driving by. Good luck

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