Need to verify some information for operating cost tool

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by King_Cooper, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. King_Cooper

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    I'm working on a program that will help find your operating cost/hr, and what a property will cost you to maintain each week.
    There are a huge amount of variables I will have to create, so I want to standardize a few to make it easier to use.

    What I have found as a weighted average + a bit for error is that the average mower uses 1.35 gallons of gas per hour.
    An average handheld uses .5 gallons per hour.

    I will also be assuming a user buys mobil-1 oil as their lubricant and Opti-2 for their 2 cycle equipment.

    Some feedback on these assumptions would help quite a bit.
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  2. Patriot Services

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    Not to bust your balloon. I've never seen two LCOs run close enough for a formula to be any more than a SWAG.
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  3. King_Cooper

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    Then it will be a tool for me that others can use if they wish. But I'm trying to take all variables into consideration. So that information such as your mower cost (including cost of purchase and maintenance over time), rent, gas, employees, handhelds, oil, and other overhead costs. are inputted by the user and the program does all of the calculations, spitting out your cost/hr (and the cost to maintain a property, if you wish). Obviously this would be a theoretical overhead calculator, and YMMV.
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  4. Jessefloyd1

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    Your idea is really cool. I look forward to its success. Subscribed.
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