Need to water trees, no water near them

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Fatdaddy, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Fatdaddy

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    At my church we have planted about 15 10' oaks. There is not water at the entrance, We are on 32 acres which is in the city. We had to plant so many trees. And I HATE mowing around the trees.. We have trees scattered about all over the place. Some are even dieing out now..

    I need a Ideal on how to rig up a water tank.. Id like to buy one one wheels I can pull.. I have (the church has) a Kubota with a front end loader.

    If you have any Ideals id appreciate ti.....

  2. golfguy

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    Drill a hole in the bottom of a tank and attach a system not unlike a spigot on a rubbermade water cooler with an inside female fitting and an outside mail fitting and an o ring in the middle. From there attach 5' piece of 1" PVC pipe on a 90 degree elbow that will swivel up and down. Drive up to the well of a tree and lower the pipe into the well. Gravity will let the water drain. Once sufficient water is in the tree well lift the pipe up to stop the flow and drive to the next tree.

    It is entirely possible that you could get a tank that you could place in the back of a pickup and save the money on the trailer portion. this will only work if the tank is not that heavy and can be easily lifted.
  3. mcclureandson

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    Gator bags.
  4. Fatdaddy

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    What is a Gator Bag, sounds like my MOTHER IN LAW..

    I got a plastic 55 gallon drum. Went to LOWES got a 1 inch cupling threaded on one side. Drilled a 3/ 4 hole in the bottom
    got a rubber 1/8m mat drilled hole to cupling size a little smaller. Pushed through the hole. Got a female cupling with a spicket and I was there. I calked around both sides..
    Have a hose, put in truck and off tree to tree.. NOW WE GOT 50% chance of ran Friday here in Tennessee.

    Thanks for all the ideals
    about that Gator Bag, could she be her SISTER or some KIN??
  5. P.Services

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  6. RAlmaroad

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    What about old school technology--Barrels iin back of truck and 5-gal buckets.
  7. MarcSmith

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    you can do the barrels and then gator bags. but you still need to get a really good initial watering. gator bags wont' really do a good job on an initial watering.

    I use the hell out of gator bags....20 gallons of water.... thats theonly problem with a fill two gator gabs and you are back to running to hose spigot to top off again.

    another option...if you have pickup truck....line the bed of the truck with visqueen or a plastic drop cloth, or tape up the seam on the closed tail gate and make a redneck swimmin hole...and use a bucket or buy a 12 submersible bilge pump...
  8. cgaengineer

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    Look on Craigslist for those plastic water totes with the metal cages, go to TSC and get the adapter for standard plumbing and use gravity and a garden hose to water trees. Most of the totes come in 27-325 gallon size...maybe a bit much for a pickup but you dont have to fill it to the top either. If you have access to a lake and a pump I would fill it that way.

    Here is a setup I did last year since we were in a watering ban situation due to the drought and I needed water on my newly installed sod.


    If you want to empty tank fast and get over with watering a garden hose it too restrictive so you may want to step up to 2" fire hose like I did...I could empty a tank in about 2 minutes with the pump.

    By the way...that 6x12 trailer was badly overloaded with 325 gallons of water in that tank...I had to get a tandem axle trailer to continue after I bent frame on the 6x12 (It was rated at 3500 pounds)...
  9. MarcSmith

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    325 gallons should not have bent the frame that gives you 1000# you may have too much tounge weight...

    I don't think the pump and tank and hose was 1000 lbs...

    Just remember if you go the tank route. strap em down...
  10. cgaengineer

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    The trailer is very poorly made and the angle is thin. My 5x10 trailer is built much heavier and even though it has a lower capacity (2200) I would be it would carry tank without bending.

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