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Need Website Help!!!!


LawnSite Member
Birmingham, Al
Okay, here's the deal. I offer Paypal as a payment option on my website. But, I don't like getting dinged for the 3% fee.

Someone on Lawnsite has the Paypal option on their website as well, however, they charge a fee to use it. IIRC the fee was $2.00 and was added automatically to the charge before the customer clicked the "Paypal" button.

This LCO was from Michigan I believe but I don't remember their screen name or company.

Any help would be appreciated along with any feedback on how many (what percentage) of their customers use this feature and if they have any issues with the additional charge for using their credit/debit card.

I would like to get the basic source code so that I can add this feature to my site as well.

Thanks in advance.


LawnSite Senior Member
Melville, NY
Your asking for trouble when you start slipping in these little hidden charges.... don't fool with your clients!