Need wild grass for Indiana

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Razmataz, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Razmataz

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    Using too much fuel and time to mow my 10 acres of grass here just north of Indianapolis. I'd like to find a replacment plant, vegetation, or grass, etc., that could be sewn into the existing lawn and basically over take it (or join in) and not need (much) maintaining. I don't care if it grows to 12-18" tall just as long as it looks reasonably neat and not just like a bunch of weeds. I don't want to have to replant every year either. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you! (tired of mowin) ::usflag:
  2. Marcos

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    Is this all flat land or do you have hilly areas, too ?
    Can you post some digital pics of what you've got ?

    Here's a company site to look at for some ideas...."Ernst Conservation Seeds"...some REALLY cool stuff !!! may get some type of state of decent Indiana tax write-off if you let some of your land "go back" to prairie land as it once was !
    I know a few folks in Ohio who have done this exact thing.

    And other Buckeyes have done so, too !!!!... simply for digging a hole with a back-hoe and calling it a "wetlands" after cattails, mosquitoes, frogs, and a few geese & ducks land in it !!!! :laugh:
    (no joke !!....only in AMERICA !! :usflag:)
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    Just go to, loads of good info there.
  4. Razmataz

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    Thanks for the advice on letting my flat land go back to seed, this is what my wife also suggests. I guess growing up in SoCal with all of the sculptured yards makes it difficult for me to do something like letting it go to weed (seed). But it really is my only option short of long mowing treks to keep it trimmed. Thanks for the suggestions :dancing:
  5. ed2hess

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    So I guess you took 12 acres out of production and now will leave it grow up in weeds.........why :hammerhead:
  6. Razmataz

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    This acreage is a small part of my overall farm area, most is in crops. The acres I don't want to mow any more are directly around my home and other buildings nearby, crops too close to the house are confining to me. I'm getting too old for 8+ hrs of bouncing on the mole hills just to have a pretty lawn around the house. My original inquiry was what kind of plant can I put in that I don't need to mow that will still look OK? The answer I've summised from assorted suggestions is to use a variety of prairie seed to try and let it go to a "meadow" look. Thanks for all the help.

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