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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jhawk71, Mar 21, 2005.

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    Today I received a call from a man who has recently moved into a new home. The house already has an established lawn, but a bobcat did some work in the rear and has killed about an 8' wide strip leading to the back yard. He asked me if I would recommend sod or seed. I told him sod will give him the instant results he wants but is more expensive. My question for you guys is what would you recommend. The area is probably around 500 - 1000 sq ft.(I haven't been out to measure) It's on the side of the house in a relatively shady area.

    If I go with sod there is no grass currently growing. The soil is level with the surrounding lawn. There are no ruts or anything like that, just no grass. Would I need to remove soil in order to have the sod be level with the existing lawn?

    This will be my first job like this and every bit of help is appreciated.

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    I've never been a big fan of sod for a small repair job. It's basically transplanting a well groomed stand of turf and putting it in a less desireable area... so your chances for failure are greater...IMO. Pick a good shade seed mix... make sure it's a good blend of 3+ types for your area, prepare the soil well and get good soil/seed contact. The proper type of seed will thrive and your customer will think you are a genious... hey 3-6 weeks isn't long to wait for the right results, is it? Hope it helps! :)
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    Last year i laid sod on the yard about the same size that you refered to.
    The ground was hard and dry. IT did not have much sun either.i didn't think the sod was going to do well, but it did. But Before i laid sod, I aerated the lawn twice( X). After that, i just put down starter and water it. But you must tell your client, because of the location, the result may very.
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    I have to agree with LawnMedic. Seeding it is the way to go.
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    Well if you have customers like I have, seed is not quick enough, we live in 2 different parts of the country, down here you basically have floratam and bahia grass (most common) bahia you can basically spray round up wait 7-10 days and throw the sod down (basically field grass), floratam is more work but in your case it does not sound like much prep work, to save money go with the seed, if the customer insists on instant results basically all you will have to do is make sure the ground is graded out and pick the right sod, I usually sub out my sod jobs just because its not my specialty. :cool2:
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    Thank you to all for responding,

    I think I am going to sub this one out to a cousin of mine who has more experience in this field and watch and help him do it. This way I will be able to learn from him firsthand. So if I were ever get a job like this again I will know what to do. The customer has also asked me to do other jobs around his place that I am still going to do.


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