Need your advise on a small mower please

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by vikingcompany, Jan 15, 2007.

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    I am starting out again in the industry this spring and have gotten an Exmark 38" Phaser. I was wanting to also get a self propelled mower for mowing in tight places. My target market is the smaller accounts but actually I will take any business I can get as I have a second Sears 40" riding mower. Could you suggest a good long lasting dependable mower that has a nice bagger on it? Thanks, Alex
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    Although they are not self propelled and have an offset wheel, lawnboy commercial mowers are great for quality in my opinion. They go for around $725 We had 10 at the golf course I worked at for mowing steep slopes, and let me tell you they went through hell. Rolling down these hills was not uncommon for them. They have a little cage around the engine to protect it and they would start right back up after a tumble. I do not know about the bagger on them but John Deere and Toro both make very nice commercial 21 inch mowers with baggers also. I've never used a Honda but alot of people on here seem to like them too

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