Need Your Help Designing A BETTER Zero Turn Mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ted corriher, Jan 7, 2010.

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    not for everyone, sure - same as in auto industry; i agree with Oughtsix - how many people, forums, organizations, companies exist dedicated to customising, remodeling, enhancing, etc. - in auto world; and how many you can see in green industry? everybody has different grass, terrain, preferences and weapon of choice - but "one fits all FordT approach from OEM (one deck for all!) : )))))
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    I really like the idea of centralized drive motors w/ shafts and hub assemblies to take the weight and abuse of the mower bouncing. This would be even easier to do if you used a hydraulic motor to run the deck belt as well. You could run a hydraulic pump off of a skid steer for the ultimate life expectancy and all the hydraulic power you would ever need.

    I like the idea one guy posted on here about being able to add options such as a 2 stage blower, sweeper, flail mower and things like that.

    I vote instead of the larger engines out of cars use small frame Turbo'd diesel engines to get the compact size and still have more than enough torque and hp to get any job done.

    One thing i do not understand is why people are saying they dont want you brakes. I have read many posts that grill mower companies about not having ROPS standard. They like that they dont have a choice in the matter because its safety. I say this is the next step in safety. Though not for everyone (neither is having a ROPS setup) it is there for that one time when it could save a life.

    I have seen several post about having centralized greasing points well i say you do one better. Groeneveld makes kits you fill w/ grease and they do the greasing for you. sending hoses to your grease points and filling as needed. They have a nice clear container so you can see when its getting low and they use them in practically all conditions so its not like the dust will hurt or the abuse is too much.

    im sure ill think of more but that is it for now.
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    It's not the pump on a skid steer that makes their system superior. It's a type of hydro system called Quad Loop. The difference is instead of only having 2 hoses going to the wheel motors it has 3. The third hose is a return to the hydro tank. That way you don't have hot oil constantly being returned to the pumps and it keeps the whole system cooler. Dixie Chopper already uses this same exact system.
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    hmm, true - small differnce: same pump, same basically motor but separate port out - seems too easy and obvious - hot oill doesn't comes back to pump;
    strange, looks like other tring to save on simple low pressure hoses now (and win on replacement parts later)

    hydr syst.JPG

    hydr syst dc.jpg
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    Yup. That's my hydro system. In 10 years of owning Dixies I've never noticed that fourth hose before. I guess that's why they call it a quad loop eh?
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    10k isn't alot for a mower. Heck if commercial mowers are going to be your commitment, $9-14k mowers are gonna be your range. Obivously if it is going to cost much more then the others, it needs to be a better mower.

    • I really like the interchangeable deck idea. A large frame mower that could swap from a 52" to a 92" deck would be great. The rear wheels could be on an adjustable part of the frame, allowing them to slide in and out similar to how AG tractors adjust wheel width based on row crops. Or even just offset rims that are reversible, flip them around to push the wheel out 8" extra on each side. That way it can be a narrow mower with a small deck for tight areas, or a wide mower with a big deck for large areas.
    • Also, REAR DISCHARGE decks should be an easy option to order and get. Alot of us mow places like parks and campgrounds where the public is always nearby. I get really nervous mowing with a side discharge deck within 50' of people.
    • As to frame design, I think you should at least look at the idea of a perimeter frame (similar to a rock buggy tube chassis). It would obviously have a built in ROPS and it might even have the option of adding a cab. Dirt bikes, sport bikes, race quads, race sleds(snowmobiles), those are where you should look for ideas in frame design.
    • Someone else mentioned an accessory pto. I think thats a great idea. Extra hydro outlets should be an option also. This system should be sure to be closed so to not contaminate the main system.
    • Accessories can cost extra, sell it how the buyer wants. Stripped, loaded, or somewhere in the middle.

    Good luck. Remember it may take a long time and a long commitment to reach your goals. It might take 10-20 years before you have a mower that I'd (or another) might buy, but if you can change the mower industry for the better along the way I'm all for it.
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    Off the shelf (NAPA) belts,simple easy easy oil change hose to the back of machine,Std flat -free tires.
  8. mowslot54

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    sme kind of suspension for the wheels or chair itself. mowing all day on open bumpy ground can really really really start to hurt after awile. i would love to see that on a mower. lvoe it
  9. Lawn by Deere

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    Redneck Mowers

    "The Mullet Series"

    Xenon lights on the ROPS
    12v receptacles
    Cat Yellow
    Hydraulic deck motors (adjustable speed)
    Tach/temp/oil pressure gauges
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    forget the brakes its just one more thing to fix.. build a deck that fuctions in all types of grass with a large discharge .....keep center of gravity as low as possible and find a different name cause that name sounds like a joke and no serious cutter wants to look like a joke ..mostly dont just build another mower with more gagets that break build some thing that is strong ,compact, and reliable

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