Need Your Help Designing A BETTER Zero Turn Mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ted corriher, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. demhustler

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    Ted, everybody would love to have rather redneck's mower or tool than pusy stuff - but not every redneck would love to wear t-shirt with "redneck" written on it : )))) ....

    p.s. t-shirts: "redneck" 4 managers and "hillbilly " 4 employees
  2. MikeKle

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    Yeah, Ive read all the info and opinions on the ted brakes for ZTRs, look at other hydro controlled equipment, like skid steers, loaders, etc. they do not have brakes, why, because they are hydraulically controlled and can be stopped by simply stopping the drive system? Yes hills are dangerous, but you dont point a ZTR downhill in the first place! As Ive said many times, You cant fix stupid in some people. There has to be some point where people must use their common sense, and if they lack any, well, Im sure theres a reason for that to?!!! Whats next, requiring everyone who uses ZTRs to wear helmets and padding?!! It is really quite simple though: A machine that is hydraulically controlled does not need a brake system. And I doubt simply braking those tiny front caster wheels will not do much to stop a 1200lb ZTR if its headed full speed down hill?! Maybe we need a ejector seat instead, just bail out of a dangerous situation. Nothing against the guy who thought of these brakes though, Im sure some people will buy and use them, but they will never put them on mass produced mowers.
  3. punt66

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    there is a video with these brakes being used. They work well. But not something i would buy
  4. dbear

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    Put a motor on it that will last more then 1200 hrs like most out there that fail or need rebuilt
    make it light so it dont sink on the lawn
    put a audible tilt meter on it so it warns u when you go to far
    optional leaf plow hook up?????????
    Tie down points
  6. jkilov

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    Premium industrial engines not/rarely used in the green industry:
    - Robin Subaru 25hp gas V-twin
    - Kubota 3cyl gas or diesel
    - Yanmar compact 3cyl diesel
  7. doubleedge

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    Instead of having 2 separate grass collection systems (bag and dump), have a bag collection system with an insert that transforms it into a dumping system (like Humboldt).
  8. gene gls

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    Has to have a "dump from the seat" hopper for on site dumping.
  9. Frontier-Lawn

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    make a hybrid with a small gas motor that powers a generator that makes dc/ac power. Which then is used for dc/ac motors for the deck and wheels. less pollution and better power to speed ratio.
  10. MikeKle

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    I wish they would use Yanmar 3 cyl engines in this industry more, they are great engines and will easily see 10K hours if well taken care of! I just re-built a 3cyl, 30 hp Yanmar from a old Gravely outfront mower, still trying to figure out what to do with it? I may try to mount it on my older turf tracer if I can make it fit and work!

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