Need your help, gang....

John Allin

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Erie, PA
My new super duty, very expensive, specially written and designed weather reporting program from DTN is supposed to give us a pop up icon whenever there is 2" or more of snow predicted in any of the markets we are plowing in, over all 12 states..... That's great. Except when the new satellite dish arrived last week, it came in pieces. And all the kings horses and all the kings men could do anything to put it back together again. New one is due here tomorrow - but that doesn't help me for this weekend.

Here's were I need help..... can you guys (or ladies) tell me what your local TV weather dudes are saying about what your weather conditions are supposed to be over the next 5 days ?? They predict for the masses and that's what I need. I know I can go on the net and get specific information, but your "feelings" about how accurate the predicitions are would be helpful too. I have to make a report to the bank tomorrow about what they can expect between now and Thanksgiving.

The markets I'm interested in are:
New York from Albany south
New Jersey
Eastern PA

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Chuck Smith

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Nutley, NJ

No flakes in the forecast for Caldwell, NJ area. Looks like it could get interesting on sunday night, into monday, otherwise, too warm for snow :( We still haven't had a freeze yet. Haven't even seen frost yet here. Lows are around 30°, and highs from 40's - 50's.

Monday and tuesday high winds are forecasted. At this point, no snow forecasted between now and turkey day.

Just my luck........



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we've got a decent size system moving across the great lakes this weekend you might see something out of it by mon,tues......


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Somerset, NJ
Check out this guy's reports. If its going to snow in any of the areas you mentioned Gary will be on top of it. He'll update this forecast about once a day until the systems get more organized & closer. Then he'll update every 8 - 12 hours. I followed his reports last year & he did much better for my area (Central NJ) than any local forecasters (close to 90% accuracy!). I believe he is based in MD or VA. I did check him against other areas and he was close on them also.


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s far as I can tell John no snow or frezzing precip in Ct through Monday, outside chance Sun night into monday of light mixed prcip but to far out to accuratly forcast.

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