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Doing some research and have two questions for you.<br>1. What is the avg. weight of a commercial hydro walk behind mower?<p>2. How many flats/slow leaks per week do your walk behind mowers get?<p>I really appreciate your help!


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This early in the season with my weak winter back and heavy work load--<br> 1. too much<br> 2. too many<p> Seriously- my toro 52,s weigh in at around 200lbs and i anticipate maybe one leaker per week.


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Exmark Turf tracers range from 518/lb(36&quot;) to 682/lb(60&quot;) Viking hydros 451-511/lbs.<p>Snapper hydros- 549-718/lbs<p>You would think with a name like toroguy I would be an expert on Toro...<p>Toro hyros- approximately the same as Exmark<p>Hope this helps


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If you are really looking for detailed info, go to each website and look at specs. Avariable for this includes deck size and engine size that can change the weight by 200-300lbs 32&quot; vs. 60&quot; and a 12hp vs. 22hp engine. Usually the walk behinds are in the 400 to 600 lb range.

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